My First Windlights

I’ve been asked by a few people lately about the windlight settings that I use for my pictures. The answer is a lot of different ones some very talented people have spent a lot of time putting together. I do however some staple go-to windlight favourites that I wanted to share and some I have recently made myself too.

I use different windlights for indoor/studio shots and outdoor shots. Some of those are standard within the Firestorm viewer and some I have downloaded from other sources. I’ll focus on the ones I have downloaded and added to Firestorm firstly.

For Studio shots I highly recommend Juicybomb and Strawberry Singh’s windlight settings.

Click here for a link to Strawberry Singh’s Windlight Tutorial and Downloads. 

Click here for a link to Juicybomb’s Windlights.

For external shots my favourites are from Xanthe and Luna Jubilee.

Click here for a link to Xanthe’s Windlights. 

Click here for a link to Luna Jubilee’s Windlights

As I mentioned up top I have recently started to work on my own set of windlights to share. The pictures below are completely unedited to show the windlight and the different effects of each. They were taken at the beautiful Sleepy sim – home of Foxes, Birdy and Alchemy stores.


Crystal Cream Windlight
Crystal Cream Windlight
Crystal Mint Windlight
Crystal Mint Windlight


Crystal Bleu Windlight
Crystal Bleu Windlight


My windlights are available to download by clicking here


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Lelutka Stella

Appliers – League  – Erin skin applier and Milla Head Applier

Eyes – IKON Hope Eyes – Storm

Hat – !Ohmai Salon: Callia Tweeter Hat – Hair Fair 2013

Hair – pr!tty – Loraine – **NEW** @ Chapter Four

Jeans – Bueno  Skinny Jeans – California

Sweater – Foxes Frumpy Sweater

Shoes – Layla Boots

Bag – (Milk Motion) fancy tote bags – brightside **NEW** @ Chapter Four

Pose –  Le Poppycock


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