Round Like a Circle in a Spiral…Like a Wheel within a Wheel

1st of the Month

It’s the start of the month and the events are starting thick and fast…three today that I managed to get to…or in the case of The Mix…cherry pick at a few. I will blog more about the The Mix in the next couple of days because I love the idea, I love the concept, I love the stores…but…I hate the hud!

White Widow were teasing us earlier this week with some release pictures on their Flickr and as a relatively new fan of theirs I wanted the tattoo sooooo bad. All we knew is that it was coming on the 1st July but I didn’t know at what event. Undaunted I threw on my deerstalker and cape, popped a pipe in my mouth and, to mix the metaphors of great fictional detectives, used my grey matter. I tracked down a blogger from the group, followed them (in a blog kinda of way not in a stalker kind of way) and when they posted their pics of the tattoo, they of course, like good bloggers, posted where and when it was available….just as I have done in the credits.  Technically the event wasn’t officially open when I went there but if you’re going to put the tp point a few metres away and expect a big plain prim to come between me and awesomeness then you you underestimate my desire to have this tattoo!

Pinch Punch First Day of the Month

Of course, the first of the month is faMESHed opening day so the letmein hud was broken out to aid me in procuring my other target purchase for the day….shoes….not just any shoes…SHOES FROM REIGN! New Releases from Reign make for a very happy Kessy and I was on a mission. Once I was at faMESHed I had to look round and found this gorgeous dress from Zenith (what dress from Zenith isn’t gorgeous to be honest?) and I finished the look off with an Earthstones necklace I had picked up at the Sou by event.

Picture taken at Humanoid


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Lelutka Stella

Appliers – Lara Hurley Maitreya Appliers and Iza Head Applier **NEW** @ Summerfest

Eyes – IKON Spectral Eyes – Silverleaf

Tattoo – White Widow – Music Box **NEW** Event@1st

Hair – Truth – Celeste

Dress – Zenith – Bra Dress  **NEW** @ faMESHed

Necklace – Earthstones – Doji Necklace – Love  **NEW** at sou by

Shoes -Reign – Adele Heels **NEW** @ faMESHed

Headpiece – R3VOLT  – MadPea Blood Letters Prize

Pose – Vibe – Greyscale **NEW** Shiny Shabby

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