A Bright Idea That Could Benefit from Experience

Marketing and Selling items, products or services in Second Life is not as easy as most people think. The rise of the sales event as a sales tool has made that more difficult, in my opinion, for the vast majority of SL Creators and Designers.

I recently saw a post on Facebook from Toxxic Rhiannyr, Owner of alterego who was delighted to see a group of shoppers in her mainstore. She posted that she had made the decision a little while ago to stop doing sales events to try and drive people back to her store and that it had been a long time but she was now seeing the first signs that the strategy was working. I have also recently written briefly about the subject. I have a love hate relationship with shopping events. I love them, I love seeing and buying new items all in one place. I adore seeing what creators have done with a theme. I hate that everyone is wearing the same things for days after and I hate that events are seemingly killing the mainstores and shopping sims. The irony of the latter point is that it’s killing them for everyone, even the creators taking part in the events in a lot of cases.

More and more I am seeing creators and shoppers comment about a kind of ‘event fatigue’. I was delighted when I heard about how The Mix event would work….finally an event that is gridwide and encourages you to go and look around a store. If you haven’t read about The Mix or seen any information about it you can read more at The Mix Website. The hud is free from the group or on Marketplace and the stores are colour coded based on whether they are offering an Exclusive Item, A Sale Item or a New Release.  The principal behind this event is something I can really get behind. It’s simple and should be very effective.

This is where I come to my issue with this event and specifically the hud.  See below a screenshot of the hud on my screen. It’s huge, taking up almost a third of my screen view. That’s ok because there must be a way to minimise it right? Wrong!



This is where the hud functionality completely destroys the whole experience and the principal of what the creators were trying to achieve. In order to actually see anything at any of the stores you need to detach the hud and then re-attach for the next location. After doing this 3 times I got bored and frustrated and turned to the notecard of LM’s that is also included in the pack. However I couldn’t tell from that list which ones are sales, exclusives or new items. I tp’d to three of the places and soon became equally frustrated with that approach. A good idea to drive traffic to stores has failed to deliver this pixel shopper due to the ‘experience’. If the hud had a minimise option and better yet, had utilised Second Life’s experience tools to allow me to give permission once to tp my avatar then I could click away to my hearts content, hopping from one store to the next.  I would likely have visited every store on the list.

In all honesty, I turned to the trusty SeraphimSL gallery and selected the stores I wanted to visit and used the slurls provided on their page, thereby cherry-picking items and stores and probably missing several that either weren’t in the gallery at the time, or where the picture didn’t appeal.




Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Lelutka Stella

Appliers – Lara Hurley Maitreya Appliers and Iza Head Applier

Eyes – IKON Spectral Eyes – Silverleaf

Freckles – PXL Body Freckles **The Mix**

Hair -Pr!tty – Anna **NEW** @ Chapter Four

Top – alterego – Knot Tee

Jeans – Maitreya – Boyfriend Jeans

Shoes – fri.day – Oakley Heels – Tuxedo Pack **The Mix**

Poses – Vibe

Scene Credits:

Scarlet Creative – Breeze Building **The Mix**

Dust Bunny – Birdhouse Garden Gate

Fancy Decor – Rustic Table and Chairs

Fancy Decor – Vases with Branches

Half Deer – Flower Stringlights

We’re Closed – Grass Vases

2 thoughts on “A Bright Idea That Could Benefit from Experience

  1. Great blog post. What I like most about the events are the themes. The themes push the creator to use their imagination and come up with something you may otherwise not see in their mainstore…. then of course it is easy to accessorize with the other event designers. I don’t like hop around events, I get frustrated and never seem to go to all the stores. At an event I visit each booth and at a hop around I find my self cherry picking……however, I do find myself going to mainstores less and less. Kind of a catch 22 i guess. And totally agree with that huge hud – was it modifiable?


  2. Oh Kess, I feel you completely. After working on the fashion events spreadsheet, and updating it sometimes several times daily, I’m exhausted just *looking* at the concurrent events, let alone visiting them. There literally are not enough hours in the day to shop all the events, let alone blog about them. Sometimes too much of a good thing really IS too much … unless we’re talking about chocolate, of course! ^_^

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