Another Monkey Off My Back


So much change in one week! All of it for the good.

2 months ago I wouldn’t have posted this blog. I wouldn’t have been ‘allowed’ to because it contains lingerie photos. I love lingerie, I love how my avatar looks in lingerie, but I couldn’t share that love because of someone else’s insecurities. At first, I thought it showed strength in that person. They had rules and demands and I liked that but I could never understand the argument and I never really agreed with it. I always thought if it was me and some guy thought my girlfriend was hawt, specially in lingerie, that I would be proud of myself, and her, that I was the person that got to be with her. My even raising the idea of posting the pictures I am today would have caused arguments and accusations from him.

The irony of all of this…he cheated on me…more than once.


Yet, with almost 2 months gone since ‘the end’ I still hadn’t posted these kind of pics or even taken any. It has taken a long time for me to get myself out of the mindset that posting revealing or ‘titillating’ pics in some way demeaned me or my relationship with anyone else. After a year some things are so deeply engrained in your psyche they are hard to shift.  “It’s only pixels” I used to say…apparently that didn’t matter until I found out about the cheating and then suddenly it was ‘it’s only pixels’. Go figure.

There is someone who has recently entered my SL. It’s early days but I feel my confidence levels rising every second. The things I was forced to worry about and concern myself with he assures me I don’t need to. He’s kind and patient and above all else I feel like he wants me to be me and not mould me into some kind of pixel Stepford Wife.  He accepts that it’s going to be while before I feel safe but that doesn’t stop him trying to show me I am every day. He makes me smile and laugh and that’s been such a long time coming. We haven’t discussed this post but his actions and words have given me the freedom to do it.


I finally managed to tp to the Vintage and Cool Fair today and I was certainly not disappointed at the range of stores and the wares on offer. As I have said many times before I do love me some retro so this is one of my favourite events of the year.  I am dying to blog the American Bazaar dress that I bought but I am sticking to lingerie in this post for the reasons explained above.

I made two lingerie purchases from two of my favourite lingerie stores…Blacklace and Maai.

Pictures 1 & 2 are the the Blacklace offerings from the event and pictures 3 & 4 are Maai. Blacklace has two exclusives at the event and I am a fan of both but decided to feature Constance in peach for this post. This sensual 3 piece set comes with system layers, Slink and Omega appliers, which of course meant that I could use it with my Maitreya body. Matched up with some classic style Truth Hair I am loving the look and feel of these undies!


The Vintage Smile Maai underwear is completely different and part of what attracted me to the purchase, apart from the totally bargain price, is the contrast of the coffee coloured bra and panties and the vintage rose design of the bodice. This item comes with system layers, TMP, Slink and Omega appliers. When I say bargain price I really am not kidding you ladies…99L$!!! If you don’t buy anything else from Vintage and Cool you HAVE to buy this lingerie or you will kick yourself.

So, as i take a deep breath and hit the publish post, I say goodbye to this one last monkey on my back and look forward to more posting of anything and everything I want to post. Even better is knowing and believing I have the support of a better man spurring me on than I ever had in the past.

Credits All Pics: 

Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Lelutka Stella

Appliers – League  – Erin skin applier and Milla Head Applier

Eyes – DS’ELLES  Apocalypse – Marron

Poses – Posesion

Pic 1:

Lingerie – Blacklace – Constance **NEW** at Vintage and Cool Fair

Hair – Truth – Candy

Pic 2: 

Lingerie – Maai – Vintage Smile **NEW** at Vintage and Cool Fair

Hair – Truth – Tulip

Necklace – Maxi Gossamer

Glasses – Ariskea – Hipsty Glasses

Location – My Bedroom…naw there’s no slurl 😛

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