Mainstore Monday – Foxes

mainstore monday anc_006

Every Monday I visit two mainstores for the Mainstore Monday feature. The purpose of the meme is to showcase two mainstores and redress the balance a little from all the event shopping we love. Most stores featured also take part in events but many of them have exciting and interesting mainstores, with a wealth of mainstore releases, group gifts and many more features that you will never find if you only shop events. This week I visited Foxes and {anc}.

mainstore monday anc_001

{anc} and their product range will be familiar to a lot of people who follow fashion or art blogs or Flickr. Their items are used in countless pictures and I use a lot of their items in my photos and in my home too.  The reason I decided to feature them as a Mainstore Monday store is because a few friends have a) had difficulty finding their store and have asked me for a landmark or b) been under the misconception that {anc} only do gacha items. Although most renowned for their high quality, unique and whimsical gacha sets there are a lot of items they sell individually too. The puppies and the lights in the above picture are both available to outright purchase.

mainstore monday anc_002

The items for sale are laid out in sets in large display areas so it’s easy to cam around and see which ones you want to purchase but I have to agree with my friends who say it’s hard to find the store due to the way SL search works with naming. Also, when I looked at the about land section when I was at the store it is not marked as ‘show in places search’ so if you, like me, normally go to the places tab and search the name you won’t be able to find it. Unfortunately because so many gacha yard sales and markets use {anc} as a search term you still get lots of results. The easy answer is use the ‘websearch’ tab…but I’ll be honest I don’t know of a single person that does. I certainly don’t. It is easy to find in websearch and maybe newer players who are on the Linden Lab viewer and not Firestorm do find it easier to hunt down places but I’m old skool…I love my ‘Places’ search.

mainstore monday anc_003

My second store of the day is the gorgeous Foxes mainstore. The Foxes store is part of a sim full of awesome mainstores that have really gone all out on making a wonderful shopping experience and beautiful landscape for it’s visitors. I won’t go into too much detail because I plan on doing a post in the future on this type of sim and will definitely be featuring the Sleepy sim as part of that. As you enter the Foxes store through the main entrance you will see the main reception area, if you turn your avatar around to be facing toward the entrance you will see on the right hand side the group gift wall, and to the left, the information wall with redelivery terminal, group information and more.

mainstore monday anc_004

Foxes doesn’t skimp on it’s group gifts either with some fabulous clothing, accessories and fun plushies to pick up.  The Group is L$150 to join and is worth that several times over just for the current group gifts let alone any future ones. Also, the group covers Foxes, Birdy Skins and Alchemy, all of which have their home on the Sleepy sim.

mainstore monday anc_005

The store itself is spacious and uses great display to show product colours and textures and of course there’s also demos so you can, and should try before you buy.  I know that the store creators are starting to work on fitmesh that works with specific mesh bodies, such as the Maitreya Lara and Belleza range too and the items I have so far have fitted very well so I’m really extremely hopeful that this will be another great go-to store for fitted mesh for my lara than I can just throw on and not worry about alpharing too many bits.

Tomorrow, 1st September is a biggie…FaMESHed and The Arcade opening. I love the new hair from Exile that is at The Arcade. Coming in two types, Sugar and Spice, I am wearing ‘Spice’ in the top picture and I’ll certainly be heading back to The Arcade for a few more colour backs of this classic, pixie-style cut.

Now, I thought I would try something a little different this week with a bit of a quiz. I have a L$250 giftcard from Foxes/Birdy to give away. To enter simply comment with the answer to this question and I will choose one winner on Friday to win the giftcard. What does the abbreviation of the store name {anc} stand for? 

So happy shopping everyone,  check out the stores above and have fun at this weeks great shopping events!


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – TMP – Classic

Appliers – Lara Hurley Midtone and Elea Head Applier

Hair – Exile – Sugar and Spice – Spice **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha from 1st September

Eyes – IKON – Hope Eyes – Storm

Outfit – Foxes – City Lights – Dress –

Pose – Amacci

{anc} Hatsuyume Pink Peacock

{anc}  Mannequin Vintage

{anc} Fairy Tale Book

2 thoughts on “Mainstore Monday – Foxes

  1. love love looooove Foxes, kess, and soooo glad you chose them this week! you reminded me i wanted to go pick up something 😛
    and haven’t visited {anc} before, but have seen some of their stuff around. art named capering 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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