It’s got to be….PERFECT!

It’s got to be….PERFECT!

I always have a tune in my head while I'm blogging and today is no different. The song invading my mind today is Fairground Attraction's Perfect. It's been a long while since I heard that tune but I found myself humming the melody while I edited this photo.  See, the person in this photo with [...]

If You Were Born Without Wings, Do Nothing to Prevent Them Growing

If You Were Born Without Wings, Do Nothing to Prevent Them Growing

The title of this post is a quote from Coco Chanel. It's not always easy to avoid the things in life that clip your wings a little but how you deal with those situations and/or people will determine how quickly your wings recover and you feel ready to take flight again. Those scars and dents [...]

Mainstore Monday – Overhigh…OVH

Late last week I bought an outfit at Overhigh and thought now here's a store I should feature in Mainstore Monday. So I teleported back there today and it had totally and completely changed from how it looked just a few days ago. I'm pretty sure I caught them in mid-move but I'm still going [...]

I’m Starting a new Life as a Fisherman’s Friend

I met a friendly fisherman today at Peatonville Bay. He didn't talk much as he sifted through his nets, fixing them up for his next outing on the high seas. He was smiley, with that sea-weathered, ruddy look that fisherman tend to have...well, fisherman AND alcoholics but I'm pretty sure he was a fisherman first [...]

There’s Something Not Quite Right At Peatonville Asylum…and it’s scares me!

Peatonville Asylum is the latest game from MadPea and launches to the public on the 9th October and runs through til the end of November. This grid wide adventure game will have you chasing down and searching the grid for answers to the clues but you will be well rewarded for your efforts. If you [...]

Don’t Look Back in Anger…I heard her say

I blog for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes my blogs are specifically for my sponsors, sometimes they are just for me. This is my forum for processing my thoughts. I find getting them down in writing helps me deal with things and I often get feedback from others who are feeling the same. This [...]

Imagine If Dreams Came True What Would Happen With Me and You

I feel I need to start this post with an apology of sorts. I have been so consumed with organising and running the MadPea Celebrity Auction for almost two weeks now that I have been quite the slacker blogger! That said, the Celebrity Auction is in it's final day, the amount of money raised is [...]

A Little of What you Fancy Does You Good

My preferred saying is 'If you don't eat what you want, drink what you want and smoke what you want, you don't live just feels like it!' I need to add in 'buy what you want' to that as well especially when it comes to Second Life. The great news for us shoppers is [...]

Work Hard, Play Hard but Remember Your Value

There's lots of good stuff happening right now in both of my lives. We're fast approaching the MadPea Celebrity Auction at !Exodus! which brings both of my SL working lives together for a great cause.  A week later we will be launching The Peatonville Asylum adventure game that we have been working on non-stop for [...]