As Snug as a Bug in a Rug

I've talked a lot about why I like Autumn so much. It's more than the colours, the cooling of the air and the dropping of the temperature.  The beauty of Autumn for me lies in what is to come. It's the first stage of the rebirth, the shedding of the leaves, the readying of the [...]

Why Can’t it Stay Autumn All Year Long?

In a few days it will be November. It will be colder and crisper and the TV will be full of advertisements for Christmas. My favourite season of the year will almost be over so I'll be making the most of the last few weeks of the Autumn. I want to keep my house as [...]

Toward the Light

There is always light. There is always a silver lining we just have to open our eyes to the possibilities.  To be able to see the light I need to be open to new things, new ideas. I have to change my mindset and retrain a brain that has been moulded to fear. It's the [...]

The Broken Body Clock

This whole extra hour in bed sounds like a great idea but in practice it doesn't work. In the UK British Summer Time officially ended in the early hours of Sunday morning when our clocks went back an hour. Technically this meant an extra hour in bed which sort of worked out on Sunday morning [...]

Sorry I’m not home right now, I’m walking into spiderwebs

One of my favourite No Doubt songs inspired my picture for today's outfit. I'm finally starting to get some time to catch up with my favourite events so first thing I did was make a beeline for N21.  N21 is dangerous on the pocket. As you would expect with larger events you won't find everything to [...]

Code Black Miss Wednesday

One of the things I adore most about SL is that we can talk about subjects, and be more open about them, than we may want to be with people in our real life. Depression is one such subject. I have several friends that have shared their suffering on various forums, including facebook, which I [...]

The Devil’s in the Detail

Today at work should be quite interesting. I have now worked for 7 weeks at my new job and it's been a huge learning curve as it's a job in the medical profession in a specialism I knew nothing about. I've had to learn everything from the etiquette to the language and it's been going [...]

Not Every Witch Lives in Salem

I can't believe it's Monday again already. I packed a lot into the weekend so I shouldn't be surprised that it's flown past at an obscene rate of knots. I completed TAG! Gacha and managed to get around The Epiphany which were my two target events for the weekend. I still have a way to [...]