I Carried soooo Many Watermelons


It was a tough job but someone had to do it. Getting the watermelons stacked up in the store to sell for the day is hard work but at least it’s done now and I can sit back on the dock, dip my toes in the cool water and sip on an ice cold frozen Margarita. Even if only in my head it’s a pretty cool dream for the day.

Someone gave me a weekend beta test invitation to real life so it’s going to be red wine all night and some great music (I hope) for me but before I dive into my real life inventory and grab my gladrags I wanted to share this awesome set from unKindness which is available at Wayward Halloween and runs til the 31st October.


There are 4 Rares which are the sign, boat, bridge and the dock and shop and 17 commons and WOW does this look epic as a set! The boat comes with male and female animations and is a two-seater so you can share the view with a buddy.

Have a wonderful rest of Saturday and if you feel so inclined pop along to !Exodus! Rock Club tomorrow, 12noon for Feel Good Sunday with me dj’g and the wonderful Bambi Foxdale as my hostie.

Credits – All from unKindness at Wayward Halloween


Git Your Grub Sign
Dock and Shop – 33li

Barrels 1-3
Barrel seat – animated
Barrel set
Desk clutter
Display stand
Cantaloupe pile
Yellow Melon pile
Watermelon pile
Dingle watermelon
Crate closed
Crate empty
Crate apples red
Crate apples green
Crate onions
Crate oranges
Crate peaches

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