The Devil’s in the Detail


Today at work should be quite interesting. I have now worked for 7 weeks at my new job and it’s been a huge learning curve as it’s a job in the medical profession in a specialism I knew nothing about. I’ve had to learn everything from the etiquette to the language and it’s been going rather well. I work as part of a team of 4 administrators who keep the place ticking over, provide secretarial support for the Consultants and front office reception duties. This is where it goes wrong….all the other three are either off sick or on holiday and today is the busiest day of the week. *Gulps*

On top of that I had a run in with one of the other staff last week, who is back today. She was downright rude to me in front of a patient last week and I just smiled and let it go while the patient was there. I spoke to a colleague about it and said that I would pull her to one side today and tell her that I wasn’t going to put up with that kind of behaviour. The colleague I told, thinking they were doing me a favour, escalated the issue to the manager of the other person. Now they have been great telling me they will deal with it but in all honesty I’m a little miffed. I didn’t need them to raise this issue. I was comfortable with sticking up for myself. If her attitude hadn’t changed after the conversation I planned on having with her then I would have escalated it. But, I would have welcomed the opportunity to handle the situation myself first.  I wanted her to know that she couldn’t do it because I would not stand for it…not that I would run off and complain about her. That’s not my style.


Either way it will be interesting to see how that situation develops over the course of the day. Anyways it’s not a day I’m particularly looking forward to but will just get my head down and carry on and at least there is shopping and SL fun to look forward to when I get home.

I am loving this look for the Halloween season and yet again the adaptability of the Catwa mesh head really comes into its own in providing a completely different look from my usual freckles and light make up.


The headpiece I picked up at Tres Chic yesterday from Astralia and with the colour change hud and options I was able to make it compliment the RARE Blueberry dress from The Alchemy Gacha. It gave me a great opportunity to try out the Mummy Wraps for the upper and lower arm from at Wayward Halloween.  We’re still 11 days away from Halloween and I think I could quite easily put together a different look every day based on the amount of amazing goodies out there and up for grabs at all the events and stores.


Body – Maitreya Lara

Skin – Lara Hurley Maitreya applier and Christy Catwa Head Applier

Eyes – Clemm – Cornea Transplant **NEW** TAG! Gacha

Hair – Lelutka – Maleficent

Headpiece – Astralia – Griselda **NEW** at Tres Chic

Dress – Blueberry Devil Dress – RARE **NEW** at The Epiphany

Arm Wraps – – Mummy Wraps  **NEW** at Wayward Halloween

Necklace – MeadowWorks – Shaman Fetish Necklace **NEW** MadPea Peatonville Asylum Prize

Photostage – >> FructOse >> Purgatory

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