and If I Die Before I Wake…


A friend posted yesterday about ‘Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today’ and it got me thinking about that phrase. I like to think that I have lived my life by those words without even realising it. My nature is one where I like to please and I often seek approval. At work I’ve always been motivated more by recognition than by financial reward. In recent years, after a bout of depression, I’ve had reason to assess my desire to please and the flip-side of how utterly devastated I become by failure to do so. I won’t go into the reasons why apart from touching on a childhood where I felt unable to do anything right. I consistently sought praise at home to no avail so I found other outlets that would reward me with the positive recognition I needed…after school clubs, excelling at certain subjects at school and even joining a church. When I think back about that I wonder what people thought of me then. I was 10 years old and would take myself off to Church every Sunday morning with no input from my parents until at the age of 12 I asked to take my first communion because all the other children had already taken theirs at 7. Did no one wonder at all why this quiet child was turning up week after week with no sign of a parent? I didn’t even know myself at that age but have analysed my reasons for this period of in my life a lot as I got older.  While the reasons have left lasting emotional scars they have also left me with a kind personality and caring nature and a desire to bring a little happiness, however small, to people I interact with.

After all that light it’s time for something a little darker now as we get even closer to the horror of the Peatonville Asylum.


The goodies and prizes are really amazing for this game and all the creators have worked so hard to produce items in theme with the storyline. This post also gave me the opportunity to show off my new Catwa mesh head and appliers from AlterEgo. I love how packed with features the head is with so many options for changing, mixing and matching and animations and expressions. I’m also featuring both Gold and Silver prizes from Noodles from the Peatonville Asylum Game and the Gold Prize Shaman from MeadowWorks. I snapped both of these pictures at the glorious Ironwood Hills sim which is perfect for a spooky hangout this halloween.


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Catwa – Jessica

Appliers – AlterEgo Caramel Tiana Catwa Applier

Tattoo – White Widow – Wild **Free Gift at Cosmopolitan Anniversary**

Eyes – IKON – Sovereign Eyes

Hair – Little Bones – Sea Form

Dress – sYs Design – Chloe Dress

Accessories – Noodles – Shard Crown & Necklace **GOLD AND SILVER PEATONVILLE ASYLUM PRIZES**

meadowWorks – Soul Stone Shaman **GOLD PEATONVILLE ASYLUM PRIZE**

Botanical – Hangman’s Noose **SILVER PEATONVILLE ASYLUM PRIZE**

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