I’m Starting a new Life as a Fisherman’s Friend


I met a friendly fisherman today at Peatonville Bay. He didn’t talk much as he sifted through his nets, fixing them up for his next outing on the high seas. He was smiley, with that sea-weathered, ruddy look that fisherman tend to have…well, fisherman AND alcoholics but I’m pretty sure he was a fisherman first and foremost. I think it was his catch of the day that was for sale in the Peatonville market and he was settling down for a wee dram or two before settling down for an early night so he’ll be ready to face the bay again tomorrow. He should make the most of the peace and quiet because soon the Bay will be full of people queuing for the ferry to take them to the Asylum. I hear they’ll be hunting for soulstones to unlock the secrets of what really happened at Peatonville many years ago. Those who are lucky enough to succeed will be well rewarded for their efforts and that will attract the masses. I hope it doesn’t scare the fish too much. He did seem like such a friendly fisherman.


I’m wearing a custom created outfit that will only be available to the players of the next MadPea Game that purchase the Gold HUD Package. Along with the 50 Prizes and Rewards on offer to the players there is also an exclusive male and female outfit made for us by the awesome talented Decoy. The outfit comprises, shoes/boots, jeans, top, jacket and a hat (not worn). I love that we have these outfits made and I adore seeing players immersing themselves in the game and getting into character wearing them. This outfit also works perfectly with this Silver Hud Prize from Exile called ‘Book of Sparks’. The hair comes in a range of specially created colours and the Beanie comes with a number of colour change options too. The perfect hat hair for this time of year!

Peatonville Asylum opens to the public on 9th October and to VIP Early Access Holders on the 8th October. The Bay is already open to the public and can be explored fully.


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – TMP – Classic

Appliers – Lara Hurley Midtone and Scarlet Head Applier

Eyes – IKON – Ascension Eyes

Hair – Exile – Book of Sparks **SILVER PRIZE – PEATONVILLE ASYLUM**

Outfit inc Shoes – MadPea made by Decoy – **GOLD HUD EXCLUSIVE – PEATONVILLE ASYLUM**


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