Real Life Ate Christmas

I mentioned a few weeks ago how about how my plans for Christmas completely and utterly changed with one phone call. Suddenly I went from having a quiet Christmas with just my partner and children to having various arrangements for parents, siblings, nieces, cousins etc.  I’ve literally just closed the door behind the last of them leaving after a 15 hour day of cooking, cleaning, preparing and hosting the Boxing Day festivities for 16 people.


I have enjoyed the last couple of days but I also have missed the lack of contact and distance being so busy in rl has caused with my SL friends. Due to various RL and SL reasons I never finished my SL on Christmas Eve as I wanted. I still had presents to buy and people to message and in the end I prioritised completing my RL tasks over my SL ones.

Some may say quite rightly so. To an extent I agree but…

my Second Life friends aren’t just SL friends to me.

They are friends…period.


This will no doubt be obvious to anyone in Second Life that has friendships that they also don’t distinguish as SL or RL. But, it seems to be almost impossible for some people who don’t ‘understand’ Second Life and the power of the relationships that we have built up in here to comprehend.

I’m looking forward to Sunday. A day to myself with everyone in my household going out for various events and activities. It will give me the opportunity to catch up with the people I love and cherish online.


The other thing that took a forced back seat over the last week or so has been blogging and I’ve found that quite frustrating. No one beats themselves up more if I think I’m failing or letting people down and I’ve felt that way quite a few times the last couple of weeks. But, there is light at the end of the tunnel and there is also light from unKindness to be grabbed for those winter gardens! Now, these Wilderness Lamps were made for LTD event which finished yesterday but I know that Jamie will have these amazing items in the unKindness mainstore super quick and you should definitely check them out. They work perfectly with the Winter Picket Fence which is still available at faMESHed.  In addition to that is this perfect winter warming picnic gacha set from Serenity Style. which is new at Shiny Shabby.

I hope you all had a happy and peaceful Christmas and holiday. Let the New Year dress shopping commence!


unKindness – Winter Picket Fence **NEW** at faMESHed

unKindness -Wilderness Lamp **for LTD event, soon available at Mainstore**

Serenity Style- Winter Picnic Table RARE **NEW at Shiny Shabby**

Serenity Style- Winter Picnic Wooden Deer  **NEW at Shiny Shabby**

Serenity Style- Winter Picnic Chocolate Pot  **NEW at Shiny Shabby**

Serenity Style- Winter Picnic Chocolate Mug Brown  **NEW at Shiny Shabby**

Serenity Style- Winter Picnic Chocolate Mug Draw  **NEW at Shiny Shabby**



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