With Words the World is at your Feet


Up until May of this year I had blogged erratically using a Blogspot site. In May I made the decision to move to WordPress and put a renewed enthusiasm into blogging and I haven’t looked back since.

I don’t think it’s necessarily the change in platform that did it…though I do find this platform suits me a lot better. Blogging can be extremely time consuming with time, energy and love put into preparing a scene or outfit, setting up the photography, editing photographs, writing, crediting, posting, sharing…etc etc. If you’re doing it properly it’s very enjoyable but hard work. This isn’t al complaint by any stretch…I choose to do it and I love it. Of course, the benefit is I get great, cool, new creations from my sponsors to share with everyone too.


I take that responsibility very seriously and I’ve already mentioned how December kicked my ass and I got a little behind with things. I’m almost…just almost back on track now and looking forward to going into January with renewed vigor.

In addition to that my friend Panda gave me a ‘challenge box’ for Christmas. It was stuffed full of goodies that will come in super handy when building scenes for photographs, in most cases. Some of them will be more of a challenge than others. I guess that was the idea. I’ve managed to get two of the items into the pictures above.


Over the last few months I’ve made some decisions about changes I want to make in 2016 with how I balance my SL time but blogging is definitely staying.

Thank you and Happy New Year to all my wonderful sponsors  – I look forward to working with all of you for a long time to come.

Thank you too to everyone that has taken time to read, comment, like and share my blogs. I have often poured my heart out on these pages during what has been a personally challenging and emotionally disturbing year and the support from so many of you has been a light in that darkness.


Kess Credits:

Body – Maitreya Lara

Skin – Lara Hurley Maitreya applier and Christy Catwa Head Applier

Eyes – IKON – Spectral Eyes

Outfit – sYS – Carlton Tuxedo **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

Hair – [e] elikatira – Nataline

Tattoo – White Widow – Midnight in Paris

Decor Credits:

cinphul // Brooding Curtains

Fancy Decor – Vase with Branches *new location*

[ zerkalo ] Globe

Kalopsia – Pictures Lamp

MadPea Writer’s Corner – Side Table **NEW** at Lost & Found

dust bunny . postcards

Cheeky Pea – Striped Trees Chair **FREE PRIZE** MadPea The Ghost Town Game

{anc} Moon Light Lounge. ashtray stand

cinphul // Fuzzy Light

cinphul // Fuzzy Pouf

unKindness – Modern Bleak Slate Art **NEW** at Lost & Found

unKindness – Modern Bleak Abstract  **NEW** at Lost & Found

unKindness – Modern Bleak Abstract  **NEW** at Lost & Found

unKindness – Modern Bleak Chandelier **NEW** at Lost & Found

Serenity Style– Bloggers Gift 2015

MadPea Writer’s Corner – Rug **NEW** at Lost & Found

unKindness – Modern Bleak Perspective Art **NEW** at Lost & Found

unKindness – Modern Bleak Chair  **NEW** at Lost & Found

Scarlet Creative – The Arcade Dec 15 Campbell Candles **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

unKindness – Modern Bleak Plate Set **NEW** at Lost & Found

unKindness – Modern Bleak Table **NEW** at Lost & Found

[ keke ] rainy day table lamp

MadPea Writer’s Corner – Writing Pad and Journal **NEW** at Lost & Found

MadPea Writer’s Corner – Books **NEW** at Lost & Found

MadPea Writer’s Corner – Typewriter Sky Blue **NEW** at Lost & Found

MadPea Writer’s Corner – Writer’s Desk **NEW** at Lost & Found

MadPea Writer’s Corner – Writer’s Chair **NEW** at Lost & Found

MadPea Writer’s Corner – Remember Me Frame **NEW** at Lost & Found

MeadowWorks – Once Upon A Time ~ Letterpress Gacha

cinphul // Fuzzy Vase

Cheeky Pea  Composition Notebook

MadPea Writer’s Corner – Telephone **NEW** at Lost & Found

*LODE* Decor – Aroma Sticks


L2 – Tarrytown House


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