Table for Two


The weather in my tiny part of the UK is glorious as I write this post…sipping on a G&T while I get ready for an early dinner and cocktails with friends in real life. Just like my real life, my Second Life isn’t always relaxing. Sometimes it’s pretty stressful with late nights working to complete projects, campaigns and games with MadPea. But, when it is relaxing I enjoy nothing more than spending time with my friends hanging out, exploring, laughing til we cry on skype calls or playing Greedy or Cards Against Humanity.  This weekend at one point or another we’re all doing real life things that mean our usual weekend SL schedules are going to be different and I was thinking today on how much I lean on them and rely on their friendships.

I’m sure we’ll be staying in touch over the weekend via facebook and messenger and I’m super proud of Gracey and her plans for the weekend. Grace is taking part in the London Moonwalk, a night time walking marathon in aid of breast cancer charities.  If you see her in SL over the next week, or on facebook, give her a huge pat on the back…or butt…the butt is easier to find to be honest (sorry Grace couldn’t resist!)

I’ll be quite a lot less active in both worlds as my plans revolve around cocktails, wine and good company.


Redgrave – Del Mar Farmhouse

BackBone Outdoor Wine Storage **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

BackBone Garden Table **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

BackBone Garden Chair **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

Ariskea [California Vineyard] Vineyard Vines

Ariskea [California Vineyard] Vineyard Vase 1 & 2

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Succulent Plant **NEW** at The Liaison Collaborative

*chronokit* clock no18 Peace

Apple Fall L’Olivier

Apple Fall Cotton Cluster

dust bunny . summer picnic . deli sandwiches

MadPea Bow Bells Red Wine Bottle **NEW** at 6 Republic


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