Don’t Just Pay Lip Service to Second Life Experiences


Our Second Lives would be very dull if all we did was shop and this is coming from someone who can shop like a pro! As part of a team of experience creators I am of course passionate about all those other elements that bring joy to our second lives too. Whether that be a stand alone sim, exhibition or fully immersive experience these are all factor that allow us to enjoy and encounter new facets to Second Life. Some months ago a friend told me about his passion for creating a gallery in SL. As an avid visitor to real life galleries and exhibitions he was excited about producing a gallery that would be as close to a real life experience as possible. This last weekend he saw that dream realised with the opening of The Vordun Museum & Gallery.

Housing 3 exhibits on opening The Vordun is an interactive creation utilising experience keys to provide a seamless tour of the exhibits.  The main hall is home to the European Masters collection which I know has been painstakingly curated by Jake (owner of Fancy Decor) himself to cover not only his favourite pieces of the period but the some of the most notable too.  The south wing hosts A Night to Remember the story of the fated maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic curated by Emery Milneaux. The north wing is home to the real life art of Celeste Forwzy, in particular her exhibit named Lip Service. There is so much more to say and Inara Pey has already said it perfectly so for more information about the exhibits I highly recommend reading her review.

About the Stuff:

I may be a little bias about The Vordun but with good reason. It really is the highest quality gallery and exhibit I’ve ever seen in SL and the detailing behind it all shines through in the experience. The work that has gone into the hud, voiceovers, the build, the art…no detail has been left out and when brought all together the result is fabulous. The Gallery houses a gift shop and I purchased several of the artworks from the Lip Service Exhibit to hang at home as well as a model of the RMS Titanic.

U L T R A Event opened earlier this week and it’s another great round from the event and features a beautiful set from Fancy Decor. The Moderno set includes the table, chair which comes with a colour change hud and lamp. The prints are also available and work beautifully together with the peacock and feathers theme. There are also some clasp boxes which aren’t pictured but I am sure will feature in future pictures as they are just adorable.  As often the case from Fancy Decor it’s an opulent set and fits both a modern and classic decor style for homes, stores or offices.


*Fancy Decor: Moderno Table **NEW** at U L T R A 

*Fancy Decor: Peacock Print **NEW** at U L T R A 

*Fancy Decor: Moderno Lamp **NEW** at U L T R A 

*Fancy Decor: Plume Print (green) **NEW** at U L T R A 

*Fancy Decor: Plume Print (blue) **NEW** at U L T R A 

*Fancy Decor: Moderno Chair **NEW** at U L T R A 

Lip Service: Lolli 2016 by Celeste Forwzy **NEW** at Vordun Museum and Gallery

Lip Service: Reflux 2016 by Celeste Forwzy **NEW** at Vordun Museum and Gallery

A Night to Remember – RMS Titanic Model by Emery Milneaux **NEW** at Vordun Museum and Gallery

*BackBone Iron Gage Lamp – Wired Ball **NEW** at U L T R A 

Apple Fall Sunbleached Setee

Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera **NEW** at Kustom 9

The Loft – Neo Mirror

Apple Fall Wooden Tribal Jars

[PM]Pixel Mode – Toscano Throw Rug

The Loft – Vase w/Branches – white and dark

Scarlet Creative – Jasmine

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