They Think It’s All Over….It Is Now…

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The title of this post today will be a phrase that every English person knows, most Brits in general will get and maybe a few people a little further afield. Those words were famously uttered by a tv commentator during a football match and to use the full quote “Some people are on the pitch….they think it’s all over….” then as a final goal was scored in the dying minutes of extra time he said “it is now”. Today marks the 50th anniversary of England winning the football World Cup in 1966 at Wembley Stadium.  There’s been a lot of documentaries on tv and radio here in the run up to today in celebration of the feat that England have never managed to recreate in the 50 years hence and judging by our performance at the Euros never will again in my lifetime. The ’30 years of hurt’ from the Lightning Seeds Three Lions song has become 40 years and now 50 years. During the programmes I’ve watched there is a lot of content that has focussed on the manager of England in ’66, Alf Ramsey and his management and leadership style. His no-nonsense, strict style has been described by many as the reason for the success. Yes, he had good players in his team…the Charlton brothers, the captain Bobby Moore and midfielder Nobby Stiles to name just a few but he played the team that played best together. When he took the England management job in 1963 he declared, with no fuss, “We will win the World Cup” and everything he did in the next 3 years was with that goal in mind. It was his sole focus and passion and as the history books, and today’s anniversary showd, he achieved it.

I’m in a period of setting new goals, and even if they aren’t as grand as winning the World Cup for my country, it doesn’t matter. I have to have something I am working toward, a vision, a skill, a project. I’ve set myself a couple of new goals already.

  • Learn to live mix DJ
  • Learn to use Photoshop
  • Clean up my inventory

I’ve made a start on number 2 and number 3 scares the bejesus out of me as it’s such a mess right now. But i’ve stickied those three things to a note on the front of my screen. Let’s see how they go over the next few weeks and months.

About the Stuff:

Everything about the look for my picture today has been inspired by the the United Colors Punk’ini set at Uber. The outfit comes with 2 parts – panties and top and an extensive colour range. As always United Colors gives you all the body choices with the outfit available in Belleza Isis and Freya, Maitreya and both Slink sizes to make it available to most mesh body types. I’m wearing it on the Maitreya and it’s a perfect fit too!

My tattoo is from White Widow and will be available when Cosmopolitan reopens for the next round on the 1st August. It’s called Nerve and comes in white, black and henna options and as well as system layers there are appliers for most of the mesh bodies and Omega appliers. In addition each there are 3 ink tones within that for so you can wear it lighter or darker depending on your preference.


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Catwa – Jessica

Skin – The Skinnery Maitreya applier and Estee Catwa Head Applier

Eyes – IKON – Sovereign Eyes

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

*Tattoo –  White Widow – Nerve **NEW** at Cosmopolitan (from 1st Aug)

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Freya

*Outfit – United Colors – Punk’ini **NEW** at Uber

Leg Harness – Empire – Nepeta

Headphones – Mandala – Eargasm Headphones

*Pose – Drunk Panda Poses – Sing My Name

Location – Black Milk @ Saint Pete City

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