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So a week of many changes for me including this temporary change of finally getting my malt put together. I feel like i should give him some cool name but it’s escaping me now.  I think it’s fairly common knowledge now that I have moved on from working at MadPea/SwagBag and I was asked this week about the highlights of my time there. There are many but most recently, working on SwagBag brought me working closer with some amazing creators and designers. The team at Lapointe and Bastchild amongst them. Bastchild Lotus and I do love a good chinwag about the ‘good ole days’ as we’ve both been around in SL since the very early days and I am delighted that I will be continuing my relationship with them by blogging for them. What more reason did I need for fixing up the malt!

About the Stuff:

I’m featuring two items from the SwagBag today. The Hero X jacket from Lapointe & Bastchild is really stunning and packed full of features but let’s strip it back to real basics…it’s an exceptionally well made, perfectly detailed, high quality textured item. I know from having worked with them through this process that every single detail is gone over, again and again, until it’s spot on and this is often a part of the designer process that people don’t see or appreciate enough. Every seam, every piping element, every single pixel was checked and tweaked until they were happy with the finished product. Add on to that that it comes with a hud offering a range of plain and textured tee shirts and colour change options for the jacket alone and you are just starting to realise how much work this jacket/tee ensemble has been. But it doesn’t stop there – it’s then rigged for different mesh bodies and fits like a dream. I’m wearing it on the Slink Male but it also comes in Aesthetic and fitted mesh for classic avatars.

The hair is from Modulus and is also from the August SwagBag. It comes in 4 colours and the hair itself includes a resize script. I’m wearing it on a Catwa head and it didn’t need too much playing about with to fit.

You can still purchase the August SwagBag at the SwagBag HQ  but I would highly recommend signing up for the September edition now and be first in line for the next items from Lapointe and Bastchild and Modulus. More info can be found on the SwagBag website and you can sign up for the September bag at the kiosk at Lapointe and Bastchild’s mainstore.


Body – Slink Physique Male – L’Etre Skin Appliers

Head – Catwa – Justin with L’Etre Homme Ian Applier

Eyes – IKON – Sovereign Eyes

*Jacket – Lapointe & Bastchild – Swear – Hero X Jacket **NEW** SwagBag August

*Hair – Modulus – Vaas Hair **NEW** SwagBag August

Pants – E-Clipse Design – Josh Jeans

Shoes – Vale Koer – Playoff Dunks

*Pose – Drunk Panda Poses – Think of Me (Feature Pic)

Location – Dead End City

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