When I See you Smile


Well, what to talk about today?…it’s not going to be what I planned to talk about that’s for sure. So let’s talk about something happier. When I got home from work yesterday my youngest daughter met me at the door with a beaming smile on her face and I mean literally the biggest, happiest smile you ever saw on a gorgeous face. Now, she’s not a baby or a teenager…she’s 21 and a stunning young woman but I’d not seen her smile like that since she was a young child and it brought me to tears. When she was three she fell out of bed on a holiday and damaged a front tooth…this had knock on effect on the growth of some other teeth and since she was 17 she has been having a series of operations and procedures including the last 3 and a half years in a brace. She has never smiled properly in a photograph since she was a young child and I can’t honestly think of a single picture of her as an adult or teenager with a mouth open smile. She wanted to surprise me yesterday because she had the brace removed and now has a perfect smile to go with her perfect face. Some of you who read regularly know that she hasn’t had a lot to smile about the last couple of years, culminating in a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease earlier this year and to see her happy, smiling, beautifully radiant face yesterday was an absolute joy.

Let’s all try find some humour and smile a bit today no matter how hard it feels to do so.

About the Stuff:

Represent at FaMESHed this round completely hit the mark with a set of bra and panties and loose sweater and pants which come in fits for both Slink Original and Hourglass (worn), Belleza Freya and Isis and Maitreya Lara. There are several colour options available too so you can mix and match them up.  I don’t dig the Hourglass out as often as I’d like too but I really loved the  look of these with some extra curve.

I guess I could say all the decor comes from 6 Republic because even the building I’m using is from the May round of the event! Everything inside is from this current round and after 2 posts I’m barely scratching the surface of what’s available at the event.  The set today is mainly from Kei’s Spot and is a gacha set representing Australia with the RARE being the Kangaroo themed boxing ring. Check out the credits for the full list of items and the slurl to the event.



Head – Catwa – Destiny

Skin – The Skinnery with Maddie  Catwa Head Applier

Eyes – IKON – Triumph Eyes

Eyelashes – Izzie’s – Catwa – Applier Natural Lashes

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Hair – Truth – Posy

Top – REPRESENT – Essential Loose Sweater **NEW** at FaMESHed

Panties – REPRESENT – Essential Logo Hi Cuts **NEW** at FaMESHed



Kei’s Aussie Boxing Gym Ring RARE

Kei’s Aussie Boxing Gym Lockers

Kei’s Aussie Boxing Gym Scoring Table

Kei’s Aussie Boxing Gym Punching Bags

Kei’s Aussie Boxing Gym Punching Tires

Kei’s Aussie Boxing Gym Bench

Kei’s Aussie Boxing Gym Sign

Seven Emporium – 7 – Basketball Hoop

Seven Emporium – 7 – Portable TV

REKT Boomerang Decor Dark Brown RARE

REKT Boomerang Decor Red

BALACLAVA!! Tapestry (australia) GIFT

also shown:

NOMAD // Gymnasium RARE

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