5 Signs That You Might Be in an SL Relationship with a Narcissist

It’s a year today since I wrote this post and at the time it was one of the most difficult and personally challenging posts to write. It forced me to face how much I had changed in the 18 months beforehand and how much I had let one person affect my confidence, my happiness and wear me down to shell of the person I was before he entered my life.

I wish I could say he never enters my mind anymore. I wish I could say that the experience wasn’t still affecting me and how I interact with people.

Overall though, facing up to the flaws that allowed him to prey on me has made me a stronger and better person. I have spent so much time peeling back the layers of my own psyche over the last 18 months that I understand myself better than I have ever done in my life and that’s had a positive impact in both real and second life.

The experience brought me the friendship of one of the most special people in my life, Sady and my close knit group of friends that I talked about in my previous blog post today.

Someone who has become very important to me recently said “promise me you’ll never let anyone change you” and I can make that promise now. I feel like I’m me again and I’ve learned to like myself again. I am a good person, I will continue to open my heart to friends and I won’t ever be isolated again.

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Right this very second there are thousands of people in ‘SL Relationships’ across our virtual world which all have different dynamics, boundaries and levels of intimacy. This post is not about the rights and wrongs of an SL relationship but to help the few people out there that probably already have concerns about the ‘state’ of their relationship and their own mental health within that relationship and to hopefully reassure them that it’s not just them. There is a line between someone, male or female, that is a little demanding, or a little needy, or a little anything…and someone who is a narcissist.

I’d also like to make very clear from the start that is not about D/s (Dominant/submissive) relationships. In my opinion, and in my experience, D/s relationships are about support, protection and communication and those are things that a narcissist is definitely not interested in although they will…

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