I Never Stray Too Far From the Sidewalk


“Aren’t we a pair of old cynics” I said to a friend over the weekend as we talked doom and gloom about the state of the average SL friendship and relationship. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a negative person in any shape or form but I am quite pragmatic when it comes to a lot of people’s behaviour online toward other people. This is a minority of people but it’s enough to cause a ‘tarring’ of almost everyone in Second Life.

I’ve talked, at length, over the last few years about how one persons behaviour affected me and how I recovered from that. I talked too about wanting to ‘get back’ to being myself and I think I have achieved that now but, with changes to myself that have stayed and sometimes I am sure they are for the better and sometimes not so much.

Walking Away – I can do that so much easier now and without looking back. In the past I gave people the benefit of the doubt to an almost ridiculous degree. Now, even the slightest seed of doubt can turn something off in my head about that person and I will withdraw myself from the situation. Losing my trust used to like a slowly fading, dimming light and now it’s the flick of a switch.  Is that something I like about myself? Not particularly but the brain and the heart have a way of protecting themselves and I think it’s healthier for me.

Cold Hard Bitch? There will be people reading this laughing at the thought that I would even question that about myself and others, who have been on the receiving end of the end of my tether, that would say that’s a pretty accurate, if mild, description.  The truth is I am colder. I’ve never suffered fools very gladly but I had more patience with them than I do now.  I can have a sharp tongue and that can also be seen as coldness too…and often it’s totally meant to.

Sitting, Waiting – I still plunge in feet first with friendships but only when they feel 100% right. My ‘gay’ Corban (he calls me his ‘straight’…or his Bad Judy if I am being mean to him) is one such friendship. We’ve only known each other a very short time but within hours we felt that we had known each for months or years! I had the same experience with my friend Tempest. What has changed in me is the realisation that sometimes friendships are slow burners. Look at my closest friends group and you will find 3 out of 4 of those people have known each other for 5 years but it was only over the last 2 years that an intense friendship developed. Sometimes the best things are under your nose and just because someone has been an acquaintance for a long time doesn’t mean that they don’t have the potential to be much more.

Anyways I’m rambling a bit for a Monday morning so I’m going to wrap up and talk about the items.

About the Stuff: 

I fell in love with this outfit the second I saw it at Collabor88 yesterday. It’s an all in one outfit featuring mesh hands posed for the outfit with a skin colour changing hud. The outfit itself comes with a texture change hud for both the bag and pants so you just need to choose what colour top you want and the rest is all mixable between greys, whites and blacks. It’s Maitreya fit only and really has a great, high impact look and feel to it.

Hair is one of two new stunning releases from Exile at Collabor88 and has a long braided ponytail at the back. I did have a sneaky giggle at the name of it especially given what I have just been writing about…Iron Maiden…perhaps that’ll be my next display name.


Head – Catwa – Destiny

Skin – The Skinnery Maitreya applier and Maddie Head applier

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Eyes – IKON – Triumph Eyes

Eyelashes – Izzie’s – Catwa – Applier Natural Lashes

Piercings – Swallow – Bollywood Septum Ring RARE

Outfit – Zenith – Sports Casual Wear **NEW** at C88

Glasses – Ariskea – Hipsty Glasses

*Hair – Exile – Iron Maiden **NEW** at C88

Photo taken at The Village and Bar Deco

One thought on “I Never Stray Too Far From the Sidewalk

  1. Love this post, not only because I am in it but I really love how you write and don’t sugar coat or fluff… Anyone who is lucky enough to receive your friendship is blessed, even the abuse is tollerable because it levels the cosmic balance of having such an awesome saucy ‘Straight’ 🙂 ❤

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