OCD for Exercise?


Why is that I have a tendency to be a little OCD about really silly little things but can’t seem to catch the OCD bug for things that would be beneficial to me like exercise, or healthy eating or in fact any kind of self-discipline sometimes. I thought about this today when I was opening up the Medical Centre I work in. I was first in this morning, as I am most mornings, and took the group of keys to the 3 clinic rooms. I walked to the nearest room and  put the key in the lock and then looked at the door of the furthest clinic room…the one I always usually open first and realised I had an overwhelming urge to open that door first. I shrugged it off, thinking to myself “this is stupid, I’m stood here with the key in the door already…JUST OPEN IT WOMAN” but I couldn’t do it. With a sigh at my own ridiculousness I crossed the corridor and opened the furthest door.

In Second Life my little OCD signs show in some odd ways. When I had a club in SL my friends would giggle at me as I used to get irritated by large gaps in the dance floor while people would crowd round a certain area or two. “WHY DON’T THEY SPREAD OUT” they would hear me cry on Skype. Generally I like symmetry and minimal furniture and dislike clutter. I like my SL spaces to look lived in but not like someone has never given it a once over with a feather duster and straightened up the books and picked things up off the floor.

So I loved creating this peaceful space with my haul from C88! I’m off to meditate for the day…or work in real life…one or the other. Have a great day everyone!

About The Stuff:

I am usually not a fatpack buyer…there’s nearly always one or two colours that pop for me and I am quite content to go with then…then there were new pants from Blueberry at C88 and that all went out of the window pretty quickly. I just couldn’t make up my mind. I loved so many of the colours AND there were fatpack bonuses…sigh! What are you doing to me Blueberry! So yes, I took the plunge and dived straight in with the fatpack. As usual for Blueberry they are rigged to fit all three Belleza bodies, both Slink bodies and of course, Maitreya Lara. The Blueberry Butt is back (not that it ever went away) and it’s Yoga Pant mania all over again!

I had so much fun putting together this scene with the items from unKindness at this round of Collabor88 too. The exercise and yoga mat is a hoot packed to the brim with animations and poses and the candles are some of the best I’ve seen in Second Life giving off just the right amount of subtle ambient lighting and glow without casting ugly shadows on your avatar when you’re surrounded by them.


Head – Catwa – Destiny

Skin – The Skinnery Maitreya applier and Maddie Head applier

Hands – Vista – Bento

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Eyes – IKON – Triumph Eyes

Eyelashes – Izzie’s – Catwa – Applier Natural Lashes

Piercings – Swallow – Bollywood Septum Ring RARE

Top – -tres blah- Bella Tank Top

Pants – Blueberry – Minerva Joggers **NEW** at C88

*Hair – Exile – Rush **NEW** at C88


*unKindness – Yoga Mat w/ Pillow **NEW** at C88

*unKindness – Mat Crate Peace **NEW** at C88

*unKindness – Brass Singing Bowl **NEW** at C88

*unKindness – Palm Incents Burner **NEW** at C88

*unKindness – Meditation Candles **NEW** at C88

*unKindness – Inspiration Mirror **NEW** at C88

*unKindness – Spiritual Gangster Sign **NEW** at C88

Culprit Resting Buddha

Culprit Zen Tansu

Culprit Zen Screen Tonbo

Culprit Zen Tea Pavilion

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