That Girl is Awesome


I suspect that many of us have all had a little giggle at times when we’ve read a profile or a pick about family or friends stating things like ‘If you hurt them I will track you down and hurt you’ or some other such ridiculous threat. You have to wonder what is going through the mind of the ‘keyboard warriors’ when they write things like that. Are people quaking in fear of their caps locks as they read the empty threats? I doubt it.  It’s as ridiculous as writing a pick advising people that you think you can opt out of TOS agreements or sharing chain letters on Facebook to ‘cure’ cancer.  I’m no scientist but I’m fairly confident none of the medical advancements in the treatment of any deadly illness or disease owes any thanks to Facebook shared memes.

I got thinking about the picks and profiles because I’ve been meaning to update mine for about…let’s think….8 months or so. Every now and again I pop it on the mental to do list and then promptly forget about it.  I’d like to think that the people I have in my picks know how important they are to me without me having to declare it in a pick or that my not constantly updating it doesn’t demean how much I care for them. I do talk about them a lot on here and today I’m going to tell you a bit more about my friend Tracy. Tracy has been a friend for many years in SL who I knew reasonably well and over the last few years as our merry band of borderline middle-aged women has gelled into a super girl friend group I have seen a completely different side to her. Aside from being as mad as a sack of frogs, which is a prerequisite for being in our inner circle, she is forgetful, forgiving and fabulous. She has an amazingingly kind and generous heart and a wicked sense of humour. She’s no pushover, as she’s strong and resilient yet has a softness and fragility about her that you only get to see close up.  Why am I telling you all this? Well, recently Tracy encountered some people who we would all recognise as being the type of people that fall into the category of the first paragraph of my blog. One person with a bee in their bonnet enlisted friends to launch ‘an attack’. Now I am not going to go into the details of how and what was done because it’s largely irrelevant and I’m not going to give any more credence to their meanness, sycophantism and frankly transparent childish behaviour, however, what was done was extremely hurtful and upsetting to my friend and caused a great deal of angst and anxiety. I suppose for them they felt like it was job done. Temporarily that might have been the case but remember earlier I mentioned that Tracy is resilient and generous? In our friends group we all counselled her on our opinions of how she should handle the situation because that’s what we do as friends but then we take a step back and allow our friend to make their own decision and support them in that decision. That’s what real friends do.

Tracy owns a small marketplace pose store called GingerFish and the pose I am using today is her first ‘made for bento’ pose called Rock Star. She is giving this away free to anyone would like a copy so if you’d like to own your own copy just IM Tracy Redangel in world and she will send a copy over to you because….that girl really is awesome!

Check out Tracy’s Marketplace Store too and watch out from some amazing new releases.

About the Stuff:

I won’t go into any more detail about the pose as you can already see how great it is and how well it works with Bento hands but I do have lots to tell you about the other items in my look for today.  Starting at the top my hair is a new release from Wasabi Pills available at U L T R A event when it opens today at noon slt. Both the top and skirt are from the Mesh Body Addicts event which opened a couple of days ago. The top from Ascend is a ripped and torn over shoulders, no side tee with lots of different colour and logo options and comes in fits for Maitreya Lara (worn) and Slink Hourglass and Original versions. The skirt is from Vinyl and comes in a huge range of colours including some lovely bright colours even if i did opt for the ‘goes with everything’ black! It comes in fits for Belleza Venus, Frey and Isis, Slink Hourglass and Original and Maitreya Lara (worn)


Head – Catwa – Destiny

Skin – The Skinnery Maitreya applier and Maddie Head applier

Hands – Vista – Bento Prohands

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Eyes – IKON – Triumph Eyes

Eyelashes – Izzie’s – Catwa – Applier Natural Lashes

Piercings – Swallow – Bollywood Septum Ring RARE

Rings – Vista– Absolut Vendetta – Hydra Rings

*Hair – Wasabi Pills – London **NEW** at U L T R A

*Top – Ascend – Gia Ripped Shirt Piece **NEW** at Mesh Body Addicts

Skirt – Vinyl – Daria Athletic Skirt **NEW** at Mesh Body Addicts

*Pose – GingerFish Poses – Rock Star **FREE**

Location – Ironwood Hills

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