Senses Working Overtime


It’s been one of those questions round a dinner party table…If you had to lose one sense out of sight or hearing which would you choose? I’ll state right now that my preference if put in that position would be to lose my sight. I adore sound. I love music…I couldn’t bear the thought of a world without music. I notice sounds a lot from the crunching and crackling sounds of ice in the car park at work last week, to the gravel in the pub car park yesterday as I took my Dad’s dog for a walk yesterday. It’s hard to describe the pleasure that is released by the brain when hearing those sounds like the joy of popping bubble wrap or the scrunch of brittle autumn leaves underfoot but I feel that I would much rather never see those things again that to never experience those sounds. I would miss reading books for sure but there are alternatives with braille and audio books and modern technology allows blind people to use email, computers and pretty much all the items we would use as sighted people.

I worked for a blind entrepreneur for many years. She lost her sight during the first year she started the business and it didn’t stop her growing the business from just her and her mum working in her spare bedroom to a multi million pound business with 8 offices throughout the UK. While I would hate the relying on other people to get around or the reduction in speed in which I could do things I am still confident it would be preferable for me than losing the joy of sound.


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