All things to all people

So, I admit it…I had a teeny, tiny meltdown last night. A perfect storm of feeling a little under the weather for a couple of days, rl stress, sl stress, a splash of disappointment in a couple of situations combined with tiredness and frustration with myself I took a nosedive into feeling sorry for myself for a time.

It really doesn’t happen very often, and it’s even rarer that when it does that anybody even knows about it. I tend to keep things to my chest. I have always tried to, outwardly, at least seem perfectly in control of everything…especially my words, actions and emotions.

A friend of mine told me years ago that it wouldn’t hurt for people to see the human side of Kess occasionally. I’ve also been told that I’m a ‘machine’ (and yes, that was by someone who actually liked me lol). I think those that know me best know I’m probably somewhere between those too.  I try to help people as much and as often as I can and I never expect anything in return. I work hard, incredibly hard, in both rl and sl and I enjoy both tremendously…I get a lot from it in terms of a sense of achievement and success. However, I’m inclined to agree with that friend from years ago to a point…I need to feel more human again in Second Life and less like a machine.

Creating, and spending time in scenes like this make me feel human – yes it’s work putting it together and sad that they get torn down again so quickly but while it’s here I’m going to enjoy it. I also have to say a huge thank you to Apple Fall who helped with decorating the scene.


Fancy Decor – Modular Outdoor Living Kit **NEW** at Summerfest

Fancy Decor: Plume Prints

Fancy Decor: Mounted Turtle Shells

Fancy Decor: Petrified Wood

Fancy Decor: Postcard Box

Fancy Decor: Turquoise Dreamcatcher

Fancy Decor: Vostres

dust bunny . woodland dreams . beaded chandelier

dust bunny . woodland dreams . carved table

dust bunny . woodland dreams . hedgehog planter

dust bunny . woodland dreams . carved wooden screen

dust bunny . woodland dreams . feather incense

dust bunny . potted bromeliad

dust bunny . blossoming flowers

dust bunny . spotted begonia

The Loft – Norma Lounger Teal [PG]

The Loft – Mora Clock Dist. White

The Loft – Log Storage Gold

The Loft – Chevron Fireplace Screen Gold

::KKs:: flying curtains – white lace 1

{vespertine} tiny dwelling – rag rug 12

{vespertine} tiny dwelling -travel journal 8

{vespertine} tiny dwelling -refreshment 7

{vespertine} dala horse/seafoam 16

Apple Fall Heritage Woodburner

Apple Fall Ikat Throw Cushion (Snowcaps)

Apple Fall Blueberries

LTD Cushions – previously available at LTD Event

Cheeky Pea Hanging Rope Candle – Sea

HPMD Lamp Bottles

[ keke ] butterfly wreath – blue

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Hot Balcony Plants

Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera

Hanging Fern

Eli Baily – Ivy

Little Branch – Joshua Tree

Little Branch – Olive Tree

KIDD LONG GRASS * Wild Sword * Bush * CopyMod

REDGRAVE – ** DEL MAR Farmhouse

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