Summer Games and Volleyball Playing Flamingo

I know they say things change fast in Second Life…but boy oh boy is that true. My thoughts on a particular situation have changed and developed every day. I’ve gone to bed every night convinced I now have all the information I need to make decisions, move forward, embrace changes and then the next day some new information comes to light, or something changes for someone else that impacts on me and BOOM…back to square one again.

But that’s life right? Yes, Second Life polarizes that…situations that might develop over weeks in real life can happen over the course of an hour or two in SL. It’s ok to change our mind. In fact, when faced with new information or facts, it’s the sensible thing to do, rather than blindly follow a course of action you decided on before you had all the facts. I don’t want to get political, but I will…this is exactly why I think we should have a second vote on the outcome of the negotiations of Brexit…you know…a vote KNOWING the facts. Believe it or not wanting to know everything, wanting to understand the impact and a willingness to listen to the options is a minority view these days. We’re supposed to react and react hard in black and white choices  – we’re no longer supposed to see shades of grey (not the film…no one should see the film Shades of Grey).

Anyways, there’s my Friday ramblings for today. As promised here’s some decor I threatened to throw at you yesterday. Not literally, but as my friend Sady got a kick out of it, if you prefer to imagine me throwing chair legs about while trying to write this then please, go ahead.


MINIMAL – RUST Backgrounds **NEW** at Summerfest

{vespertine}-icecream truck **NEW** at FaMESHed

Second Spaces – Surf’s Up Motel sign **NEW** at Summerfest

Second Spaces – shark bite lamp **NEW** at Summerfest

dust bunny . beach locations sign **NEW** at Summerfest

dust bunny . tiki torch . pink **NEW** at Summerfest

dust bunny . volleyball net **NEW** at Summerfest

dust bunny . sand castle . dark **NEW** at Summerfest

O.M.E.N – Summer Vespa **NEW** at Summerfest

JIAN Flamingo Collection **NEW** at Summerfest

NOMAD // Beach Loungers **NEW** at Summerfest

NOMAD // Beach Parasol // **NEW** at Summerfest

7 Emporium – Signs **NEW** at Summerfest

Dust Bunny – Natural Habitat Plants Pack 2 **NEW** at FaMESHed

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