Save My Blushes

I mentioned when I posted my speed edit video yesterday that I would be blogging the outfit that I was wearing in that. Now, there has been an event going on that all the romantics in SL have been loving… The Trunk Show.  It’s all about one of SL’s biggest activities – weddings.  A lot of us have it done it at one time or another. In my 10 years I’ve done it twice. I highly doubt I’d ever do it again because I already had the ‘best’ SL wedding ever. You see a few years ago my partner and I eloped! We ran off to an automated Elvis drive-through wedding with a couple of friends and ‘tried’ to get married. Why do you say try Kess? Well, it’s like this….when you use an automated wedding script it’s really important that you follow the instructions and that no one else talks in local when you’re saying the names of the people that are getting married…but we went with Sady!

The first time around I married myself as Sady commented on how I Iooked and the system picked up the names of the people to be married as ‘Kess Crystal’ and ‘ooooh Kess you look great’. Do you ‘oooh Kess your hair looks great take Kess Crystal to be your wife’. Much laughter ensued to the point where we were all still laughing and making jokes when we reset the script…so on, and so on. The second time I think it picked up something about my partner’s hair. Yes, I married some hair! I think it took three or four attempts. I seem to have deleted the notecard with the text of the event but I know Sady has it. She dislikes SL weddings a lot but she always tells people that my elopement was the only wedding that she’s enjoyed.

Anyhoo, it’s my favourite memory of what was actually a pretty painful time in my Second Life and something Sady and I will continue to laugh about for years.



Head – Lelutka – Cate 3.0

Skin – Glam Affair Luminay

Hands – Maitreya Bento Hands

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Head – *LODE* Head Accessory – Royalty Wreath [garden] **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

*Glasses – MINIMAL – Blush Glasses -previously at Blush Event

*Dress – The Annex – Brooke Dress **NEW** at The Trunk Show

Hair – Truth Hair – Tori  – July Group Gift

Pose – an lar poses – Yolanda Series

For decor see the previous post

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