Country Girl

My YouTube is broken…it has lost its goddamn mind!

As any regular user of YouTube know when you open up the page it gives you a list of recommended videos, based on videos you have watched before.  Now, people that know me well know that I have super eclectic taste in music. From hard modern rock through to my uber love of Neil Diamond! *starts singing Forever in Blue Jeans in my head*. However, country music is something I’ve avoided…quite successfully, til now. If I knew how to make a screwed up face in emoticons I’d insert one here. Zedekiah ‘try it. it’s not that bad’ Wentz is on a mission to make me like country music and it’s broken my YouTube. It’s ALL his fault. Instead of getting recommendations for new indie bands or alt rock I’m now getting recommendations for Keith Urban,  Kane Brown and some dude I’ve never heard of called Luke Combs! Aaaaand, while it was in its state of brokenness YouTube even suggested I listen to Sail by Awolnation. Anyone who knows me, has read my profile, or ever come to my club !Exodus! back in the day knows how much I detest Sail!  It’s a well-known fact that is lost on YouTube it seems.  At least it gave my friends a good laugh!


Head – Lelutka – Cate 3.0

Skin – Glam Affair Milena

Hands – Maitreya Bento Hands

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

*Hair – Exile:: Break the Rules **NEW** at Collabor88

Dress – ISON – Ruffle Katie Dress **NEW** at Collabor88

*Pose – K&S Poses – Loveliness

Location – Storybrooke Gardens

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