Take the Long Road and the High Road

I’m an avid people watcher in real life and in Second Life. Not in a stalkery kind of way before you think that, but in a way of wanting to know more about people and personalities and how they interact with people. Facebook is one of my favourite places to observe. I comment little but I read a lot. I come from a sales and marketing background in real life and I’ve talked before about how one of the first things I was told is that you have to ‘two ears and one mouth’ use them in that ratio. I’ve also mentioned how I have very little drama in my Second Life. Because I keep a very small friends group and I do as above, keep my damn trap shut…most of the time.  I chose my battles wisely and think before I speak…again, most of the time.  I try, at least, to be the better person…even when something is directly about me, or affects people I care about. Truth is I’m far more likely to get riled up and angry when someone attacks someone I love and care about than when I hear something negative about me.  The people that know me know the truth, they know what I’m like and anyone who has something to say about me, that’s less than gracious, well, if they don’t know me, or have never even conversed with me, then I simply don’t care.  There’s another saying I’ve heard before which is ‘what other people think of you is none of your business’ I won’t waste time worrying about it or seeking their approval. I don’t need it and I don’t want it. I’m far too busy being happy and fulfilled, living my Second Life with an amazing man and the best friends  I could wish for.



Head – Lelutka – Cate 3.0

Skin – Glam Affair Milena

Hands – Maitreya Bento Hands

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

*Hair – MINA – Harper **NEW** at FaMESHed

*Outfit – Scandalize – Mich **NEW** at FaMESHed

Bag – Zenith – Autumn Leather Backpack

Pose – Bauhaus Movement

Location – Mother Road

One thought on “Take the Long Road and the High Road

  1. ooh love to people watch have done it most of my life ~ sitting on a chair in a public open place and just watch, maybe wonder where they are going or what ~ SL I just love reading profiles trying to find out about them in a non intrusive way…but unlike you I tend to speak up and maybe say what others are thinking lol ~ great post, love the image ~ thanks for sharing your thoughts ~ ♥


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