Witch home

We don’t really do Halloween in the UK. As a child, as we started to watch more American TV and see what Halloween meant in the States, my friends and I all wanted to ‘celebrate’ it more by dressing up and this ‘trick or treating’ thing we had heard about. I have no evidence for this, other than my own experience, but I’m pretty sure the majority of Brits reading this, who are around my age, were told they couldn’t go trick or treating because it was ‘begging’.  That seemed to be the standard response.

When my kids were younger we tried to incorporate more celebration of Halloween and quickly realised it looks way more fun on TV than it actually is in real life. I’m never attempting carving a pumpkin again in my life! EVER!

Of course the joy of SL is that you can do all these things in world – decorate, dress up, have perfectly carved pumpkins (without finding pumpkin seeds in your kitchen through to February) and even trick or treat with your friends with minimal hassle.


hive // fright night manor RARE **NEW** at The Epiphany

hive // gothic table . black **NEW** at The Epiphany

hive // gothic side table . black **NEW** at The Epiphany

hive // gothic room divider **NEW** at The Epiphany

hive // bat frame . exclusive **NEW** at The Epiphany

Fancy Decor Canisters **NEW** at Salem

ARIA – Bavmorda Ghost Side Table **NEW** at Salem

ARIA – Bavmorda Baby Doll Candle Holder **NEW** at Salem

ARIA – Bavmorda Wingback Armchair **NEW** at Salem

ARIA – Bavmorda Deer Antlers with Flowers **NEW** at Salem

22769 – The Workplace of the Witch – COMMON **NEW** at Salem

22769 – The Chair of the Witch – RARE **NEW** at Salem

22769 – Potion Bottles – COMMON **NEW** at Salem

22769 – Witch Hat – COMMON **NEW** at Salem

22769 – Candles – COMMON **NEW** at Salem

22769 – Spell Book – COMMON **NEW** at Salem

22769 – Powder – COMMON **NEW** at Salem

22769 – Jars – COMMON **NEW** at Salem

{anc} story. / cake 1Li {chocolate} **NEW** at Salem

DISORDERLY & .random.Matter / Potio Magicae / Mushroom Dome **NEW** at Salem

cinphul // tiandi [shang]

KOSH – Crow Rug

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