Friday Magic

I have a busy, and exciting, weekend ahead and I may need a little magic to help me along the way.  I like to take a little time over the weekend to think about what I’ve completed and managed to do in the week before – it’s part of how I recharge. I also think it’s easy to rush through the week being busy, getting things done and not taking time to give yourself a pat on the back and tell yourself you did good. This week has been full of some personal achievements – some that I set out to do and some that were a happy surprise.

I finally downloaded some software (and learned to use it, I think) that will enable me to live stream in Second Life. I’ve been making a few videos for a while but I’m hoping to live stream my vlogs and events in Second Life in the future too. This is something that kept slipping to the bottom of my list so I’m pretty proud of myself for getting that done this week.

On a personal note, I’ve been helping Zedekiah landscape and decorate his sim for several weeks and it’s now 98% complete – just a few finishing touches left to add. The biggest news of the week and the thing I’m most excited about is the big step of moving in together on the sim. Some people might think ‘huh, what’s so big news about that?’ People live together on SL all the time. Not me. I’ve been fiercely independent for well over two years…my space has always been my space and I’ve guarded it like an unfed pitbull for many years. But, then, I’ve not felt the way I have for any other person in SL as I do now. My twinny Divos joked that he must be pretty special as he ‘tamed the shrew’ (and yes Divos lived after that comment – just about). However he did it though, its been pretty magical.

Lots of great Halloween themed events going on right now but I did want to point out that this photo is full of THOR items that are available in a special edition version for the season at the THOR mainstore.  All the credits below! Happy weekend everyone.


Head – Lelutka – Cate 3.0

Skin – Glam Affair Luminay

Hands – Maitreya Bento Hands

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

*Dress – :V.e. Friday Dress **NEW** at Salem

*Hair – Exile:: – More Than Ordinary **NEW** at Collabor88

* Shoes – [BREATHE] – Dagny Heels **NEW** in Pocket Gacha

*Pose – GingerFish – Black Love **NEW** at The Darkness Event


Boudoir – Witch Cabin house

*Ariskea[Pagan] Gauldron Emplacement **NEW** at Season of the Witch

*Ariskea[Pagan] Sparkle Dust **NEW** at Season of the Witch

*Ariskea[Pagan] Wood Pentagram **NEW** at Season of the Witch

*unKindness – Poe’s Writing Desk **NEW** at Salem

*unKindness – Poe’s Writing Chair **NEW** at Salem

*unKindness – Poe’s Ramblings Parchment **NEW** at Salem

*unKindness – Raven Feather Quill **NEW** at Salem

*unKindness – Raven Inkwell **NEW** at Salem

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection – Dark Shelf

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection – Victorian Velvet Armchair

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection – Vintage Rug

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection . Purple Ottoman

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection – Dark Trunk

*..::THOR::..The Dark Collection – Empty Cage

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection – Oil Lamp

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection – The Witch Books

*..::THOR::..The Dark Collection – Sabbath Memories

*..::THOR::..The Dark Collection – Poison sign

*..::THOR::..The Dark Collection – Gothic Crow

*..::THOR::..The Dark Collection – Not every Witch Poster

*..::THOR::..The Dark Collection – The Darkness

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection – Memento Mori

*..::THOR::.. Dark Collection – Grimoire

*..::THOR::.. Dark Collection – The Witch Notes

*..::THOR::..The Dark Collection – Poisoned Apple

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection – Witch Mortar

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection – Candle Jar

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection – Spider Venom Bottle

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection – Potions Recipes

*..::THOR::.. Dark Collection – Jar of Mummy Dust

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection – 666 Phone

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection – Dark Stacked Books

*..::THOR::..The Dark Collection – Pumpkin Crate

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection – Salem the Cat – licking

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection – Salem the Cat – stand

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection – Salem the Cat – lying

*..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection -Scattered Skull Sheets

*..::THOR::..The Dark Collection – Ouija Tablet

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