I was supposed to blog this yesterday but my day got busy in all the best ways. Warning – this post will contain mushy, slushy girly stuffs. You have been warned.

Yesterday was mine and Zedekiah’s 6 month anniversary in Second Life and we spent the day celebrating, cos yanno, six months in Second Life is quite an achievement. Any relationship, RL or SL, isn’t always easy, sometimes it’s hard work online with different timezones, activities, RL and SL work patterns and differing views and opinions on subjects, as well as different personalities (oh and don’t even get me started on the unwanted interference of other people who think they are entitled to share their unasked for opinions). Zedekiah and I could be described as chalk and cheese. We are wildly different in many ways. But, they also say that opposite attract.

The way that we have gotten to know each other over the last year, but particularly over the last six months has filled me with awe. He’s quieter than me and when I first met him I couldn’t sit still for more than 5 minutes at a time. I was always active. I’ve become appreciative of the quieter time. Stopping. Standing still. Just being with another person and relaxing. I told him the other day he’s become my sanctuary. He is the place that I find peace and can actually let go of everything and relax. He’s developed a way to sense in me when I can’t do that and I’m becoming anxious and want to get up and do things. He spots the signs before even I do.

I never thought I would let my walls down again with anyone. Those of you who have read my blog, or been friends with me for a long time know why. I’m laughing as I write this but after issues with lies and honesty in the past I never thought I would utter these next words but, he’s honest to a fault…too honest sometimes (unless admission would prove me right then he’s prone to little white lies which even then he can’t keep for more than 24 hours and I always know anyway).  He tells me everything. Sometimes, in fact, more often than not, things I don’t want to hear or know.  But it’s that integrity and loyalty that was one of the first things that ever attracted me to him.  He’s my rock…not just because I know he’s there for me to talk to about anything but because I know he stands firm on his morals. He’s as stubborn as rock too but that, more often than not, is a positive.  Both of us are stubborn and that’s meant we don’t give up on each other. We’ve had blips but we always come back fighting for each other. Most of all though, we love each other in a way that I’ve not felt or believed anyone would feel for me.

Yesterday we spent the day together doing fun things…we now know that I suck at bowling (again) but I rule at Greedy! We enjoyed an RP dinner date at Orchard Heights restaurant and spent time exploring. Zedekiah took a photo, which I can’t wait to see once he’s edited it! I took this photo while he was still asleep yesterday morning…as you can see we don’t go in for cutesy pet names for each other but then if we did we wouldn’t have had a good laugh as Facebook telling me ‘You are now in a relationship with Dick’



Head – Lelutka – Cate 3.0

Skin – Glam Affair – Rita **NEW** at Uber

Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON

Hands – Vista Prohands

Rings – RealEvil – Luxy Rings

*Hair – MINA – Maria **NEW** at Blush

Jeans – Blueberry – DWL Capri Jeans

Top – Blueberry – Lila Crop Top **NEW** Mainstore Release

Sweater – Blueberry – Lila Low Waist Sweater **NEW** Mainstore Release

Pose – Bauhaus Movement – Frequency

Background decor by Zedekiah:

HX: Ballin’ Bike Black (WEAR)


3 thoughts on “Yours

  1. Oh, sincere congrats to the both of you ❤ Yes, 6 months can be a lifetime in SL® but it sounds like you two just click!


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