Pay It Forward

Facebook told me that today is Pay it Forward day today. I’m kinda torn by this because I think this is something we should try and be conscious of every day. I know I try too but it’s easy to get wrapped up in our own world, our own issues and problems. I will try to be even more conscious of it today for sure.

I love looking at other decorators and bloggers photos and finding an item that’s a must have for me. For example, a blogger who is on the BVuNiversity course this semester showed me a photo they had done a few weeks ago that I adored and I spotted these fabric chandeliers that I have managed to miss completely every time I’ve been to the revival store apparently. Definitely a core item for me from now on and credit to Aleriah for showing them to me. You can check out her wonderful blog here and the post I spotted these in here.


L2 MESH Shoreline House 107 LI

*MudHoney Sawyer Bench **NEW** at Illuminate

*[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Patio Table w/ Cloche – Natural **NEW** at Illuminate

*[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Outdoor Clay Oven – Sand **NEW** at Illuminate

*[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Wall Fountain – Aged Stone **NEW** at Illuminate

*[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Ivy Hook Stand -Bird Bath & Feeder1 **NEW** at Illuminate

*[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Ivy Hook Stand2 – Flowers – Y/P (S) **NEW** at Illuminate

*[Commoner] Pom-Pom Flower Pillow **NEW** at Bloom

DISORDERLY. / Lightly Rustic / Frames **NEW** at Collabor88

DISORDERLY. / Lightly Rustic / Crates **NEW** at Collabor88

DISORDERLY. / Lightly Rustic / Ladder **NEW** at Collabor88

MaisonClose– Decadent Gacha 06 Gold Plant **NEW** in PocketGacha

MaisonClose– Decadent Gacha 10 Black Gold Plant Big **NEW** in PocketGacha

09 MI Siddhartha Cabinet **NEW** in PocketGacha

06 MI Lotus Decor **NEW** in PocketGacha

10 MI Siddhartha Face Decor RARE **NEW** in PocketGacha

02 MI Holy Kundalam **NEW** in PocketGacha

HPMD* Garden Vine

.:revival:. fabric chandelier

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