You’re Always With Yourself

Sooo, I did this thing. I got myself a sim. All by myself. I can potter about, build my scenes, decorate, tear it down again, change my mind, change the textures, change the terrain, change the layout, go mad with the bulldozer, change the sky, change the water, be on my own, invite friends, run around naked, drive a 4×4 all over it while no one is watching, sing on voice while no one is here, watch my friends dance and refuse to strip for me (lol)…I can do what I want when I want…Finally, I found my home!


“You’re always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company.”

Diane Von Furstenberg



*DaD “Ocean Wave” House **NEW** at 6 Republic

*–ANHELO-P01DG-185GA :: shed side tree (dark green) **NEW** at 6 Republic

*–ANHELO-P02DG-185GA :: hedge (dark green) **NEW** at 6 Republic

*–ANHELO-P02YG-185GA :: bushes **NEW** at 6 Republic

Cube Republic Beach Piling

Cube Republic Stepping Stones

TLC Cormorant

Real Waves model Ocean Waves

:Fanatik Architecture: Lofoten Rocks

[G] Sea Rocks Type

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