Dinner Date

Romp opened just a couple of days ago and from what I have seen so far it’s a great round! Today I am featuring a new release from Astralia that is available at the event. It comes in two versions – the dining version that you can see in the photograph and an adult version where let’s just say dinner has gone to the dogs and the heat of lust has left quite a mess in its wake.  As well as the dining and sex scene, that are rezzable from the menu there are also attachable knives and forks included in the pack…I guess depending on your kink you can use them with both scenes *winks*.

Other items in the scene are from the fabulous David Heather gacha at 6 Republic. No one can say that David Heather does things by half…the set is huge and I’m showing just a fraction of the items available. There is always that extra bit of pizzazz and flair to David’s items and this set is no different. 6 Republic is open until the 20th of May.


*elev8~Las Vegas Suite **NEW** at 6 Republic

*Astralia – Straight to the cake (dining table) **NEW** at ROMP

*-David Heather -Balla Cart **NEW** at 6 Republic

*-David Heather -Balla Wine Rack **NEW** at 6 Republic

*-David Heather -Balla Mirror **NEW** at 6 Republic

*-David Heather -Balla Accent Table **NEW** at 6 Republic

*-David Heather -Balla Floor Lamp **NEW** at 6 Republic

*-David Heather -Balla Wall Art **NEW** at 6 Republic

*-David Heather -Balla Plant **NEW** at 6 Republic

*-David Heather -Balla Cactus **NEW** at 6 Republic

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