Everybody’s Talking Bout Heaven

As a lot of you will know a couple of years ago I started SL Calendar Girls which is a Flickr group for photographers and bloggers featuring the best photos of women in Second Life. Each month I choose my personal favourites from the Flickr group and post them in a curated gallery on the blog. A couple of days ago I asked my friend list on Facebook if they thought that a decor and landscape version of the Calendar was something they would like me to do…and the answer was a resounding yes. So I did it! Now, we are starting in the middle of the year so at the end of the Year we will only have 7 months of the calendar but next year it will be a full twelve months. If you would like to add your decor and landscape photos to the group you can find it here.  I will choose the months favourites as close to the beginning of the month as I can but SL Calendar Girls already takes up most of the first couple of days.

On to today’s decor photo inspired by the Ariskea Morroco couch available at Collabor88. I really enjoyed playing with the bright colours of the decor in this shot. The thing is… I wasn’t sure I would as this colour palette is way out of my comfort zone but once I got started I very quickly found a love and appreciation for it. It’s staying now! I love it!

“Everybody’s talking about heaven like they just can’t wait to go
Saying how it’s gonna be so good, so beautiful
Lying next to you, in this bed with you, I ain’t convinced
‘Cause, I don’t know how, I don’t know how heaven, heaven
Could be better than this”

Kane Brown – Heaven


*Ariskea [Morroco] Lounge Couch **NEW** at Collabor88

*Ariskea [Morroco] Lantern Chandelier **NEW** at Collabor88

*Granola. May 2018 **NEW** Group Gift.

*Thistle Madelief Coffee Table **NEW** for FaMESHed Go

Soy. Brightly colored wicker chair **NEW** at Collabor88

Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera

Kalopsia – Zelie’s Macrame **NEW** at Collabor88

hive // bird of paradise plant

hive // macrame hanging plant

MudHoney Layla Cabinet – Blue

MudHoney Calla Pot Amphora

NOMAD // Antique Tiles

NOMAD // Test Tube Orchid Pink

NOMAD // Ailanthus Altissima

CHEZ MOI – Passadena Garden Bonfire

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Hookah

{vespertine} – succulent terrariums



JIAN Pudgy Persians 2. Adult Wanderer RARE

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