The Internet is For…

So many words that can go after that phrase, not least the title of the Avenue Q song. However, from my current experience the internet is for grown ass women to behave like high school teenagers with raging hormones.  Ladies, some advice follows…use it or ignore it. I don’t care.

1 – You will never impress a real man by criticizing others. If you want in to someone’s life show them the positive side of you. Show them why you are interesting and beautiful. You can snag a man by being a bitch about his ex but he won’t be a decent catch. A good man isn’t going to be impressed by your wonderful imagination and creativity if all you do with it is make up stories and share gossip and rumours about other people. Two no-no’s that basic girls think are a good idea are slating your ex’s and slating his. You think any self-respecting man isn’t going to realise if you talk shit about your ex’s you’re gonna do the same about them in the future?

2 – 40+ women do not see being called 40+ as a negative. Especially when it’s from another 40+ woman trying to be a Twentysomething. We find it amusing. We’ve lived…we’ve got scars. We’ve probably got cellulite, stretch marks, hair we spend a fortune getting removed on a regular basis, we might have extra weight, we’re real, we’ve lived and it shows. We have children the age you are pretending to be in Second Life. I am not insulted to be called mature. I am…and it’s far more of a compliment than being called immature.

3 – What you think you know is a fraction of what you really do know. Only 2 people know what really happened in a relationship and even they won’t always agree on the facts during and after a relationship. But what you hear from other side is minuscule in comparison to what happened over the course of a long-term relationship. You might also want to check, before you start in thinking you know it all, if the two people you think you know everything about are still friends and still communicating…before you end up with egg on your pixel face.

4 – Don’t judge others by your own standards. Not all women leap from one relationship to another. Not all women jump into pixel bed with the first person that shows an interest. Some women can have platonic friendships with numerous straight men without it crossing a single line. Some women can go through a whole day on SL without feeling the need to message 10 different guys on Flickr. I know this to be true…I happen to be one of these women and I’m not even saying it’s not ok to be one of the other types of women described. Just don’t assume I’m one of them because you are.

I’m too old and too busy with my RL and SL to play schoolyard games with people that are old enough to know better. I’m a grown up. Try it out sometime, you might like it.


Head – Lelutka – Cate 3.0

Skin – Glam Affair

Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON

*Outfit  – Dead Dollz – Margot Romper and Thong **NEW** at FaMESHed

Nails – Astralia – Breeze Nails Add On **NEW** at FaMESHed

*Hair – Exile – Evermore **NEW** at Collabor88

Pose –  Body Language SLC Bento SS Pose – Puni Puni C

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