Mermaids Don’t Lose Sleep

“Mermaids Don’t Lose Sleep Over the Opinion of Shrimp”

I was looking at mermaid quotes for this post, for the obvious reason that the set is the Astralia Mermaid’s Cove set, available now at everyone’s favourite summer event, Summerfest. This one particularly jumped out at me after a conversation I was having last night with Zedekiah just before I went to bed. We were catching up on our days and some interesting conversations and opinions that had been expressed to us by third parties. It’s surprising but nonetheless amusing, how many people think if you’re not in someone’s partner box or profile that you aren’t actually together, or communicating and telling each other all the things that happen during a day. I slept very soundly.

Anyhoo, on to the items for today…I was trying to find a place in this scene for a mermaid neon I have that Zed got me after comparing my redheaded self to Ariel one day but it just didn’t work so I used the mushroom rocks he bought me in the background instead.

I’ve done a close up shot of the OMEN release for Summerfest below because I love well made food items in Second Life and especially summer ones. Tres Blah, Dust Bunny, Apple Fall, Pew Pew and of course, OMEN, are some of my favourites.



The overall scene’s main feature, as mentioned above is the Mermaids Cove set from Astralia. There are both adult and pg versions of the pool available with the pg version holding up to 4 avatars and the adult holding 2 and this is the same for the sofa too. The Poolside beds also have pg and adult options and hold 2 avatars each. There’s also pink and blue versions of the pool side bed/lounger via a texture change menu.


*Astralia – Mermaids Cove Pool **NEW** at Summerfest

*Astralia – Mermaids Cove sofa **NEW** at Summerfest

*Astralia – Mermaids Cove pool bed **NEW** at Summerfest

*Astralia – Mermaids Cove Sign **NEW** at Summerfest

*Astralia – Mermaids Cove Frangipani Plants with lights **NEW** at Summerfest

*Astralia – Mermaids Cove (Pool ladder) **NEW** at Summerfest

*+Half-Deer+ Summerfruit Lounge Chair (Pink) **NEW** at Summerfest

*+Half-Deer+ Summerfruit Lounge Chair (Yellow+Pink) -no pillow **NEW** at Summerfest

*Can’t Even – Sit on Some Fruit (Lemon) **NEW** at Summerfest

*Can’t Even – Sit on Some Fruit (Banana) **NEW** at Summerfest

*O.M.E.N – Watermelon Slushie **NEW** at Summerfest

*O.M.E.N – Watermelon Kebabs **NEW** at Summerfest

*O.M.E.N – Watermelon Slices **NEW** at Summerfest

*O.M.E.N – Watermelon Napkin **NEW** at Summerfest

*hive // flip flops . tropical **NEW** at Collabor88

+Half-Deer+ Carefree Bikini Clutter – ALL – Floor Bra

+Half-Deer+ Carefree Bikini Clutter – ALL – Hanging Bra

Little Branch – Weeping Honey Tree {Animated}* 4Seasons

:Fanatik Architecture: Mushroom Rock 1

:Fanatik Architecture: Lofoten H Summer

HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08 – a

HPMD* WildGrasses – a

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