Pipes of Peace

Good Morning! Happy Tuesday. I love a surprise bonus…whether it’s finding a £5 note in a pair of jeans in the wardrobe, or getting an expected tax refund. Today I remembered that I have a day of annual leave booked for Friday so I have a short work week. That’s way better that finding a fiver in a pair of old jeans for sure!

Today I’m featuring a new release by Granola for the FaMESHed X event which opened a couple of days ago. It’s an adult rated event and Granola have produced this beautiful Antique Opium Den. It comes in 2 colour versions – blue and red with either a gold or silver detailing. There is of course an adult version for the adult event but you can purchase PG too if you prefer.  I really like that more creators are incorporating bento animations into their furniture as it really does make a difference with immersion into a scene and there are many bento animations included in the items. The Hookah is also from Granola at FaMESHed X and available in a number of colour and texture options.

Hope you have a great day…it’s one day nearer Friday!


Concept} 01. Aroma. Build. ULTRARARE

Concept} 04. Aroma. Pool

Concept} 09. Aroma. Red Pouf

Concept} 10. Aroma. Leather Pouf

Concept} 13. Aroma. Fun (Fan)

**DaD – Climbing Ivy

*Granola. Antique Opium Den. Red G **NEW** at FaMESHed X 

*Granola Antique Hookah Black and Gold. **NEW** at FaMESHed X 

*MudHoney Layla Cabinet – Red

*{vespertine}– blossom cotton hanging basket

*{vespertine}– oversized maranta plant.

*Apple Fall Stone Crab Claws

*Apple Fall Ornamental Elephant – Bronze

*Apple Fall Brass Candlesticks

~BAZAR~ Morocco-Candle lamp

~BAZAR~ Morocco-Tea set

~BAZAR~ Morocco-books

Mithral * Philodendron (Copper Pot)

Compulsion Plants (various)

Ayla. Fresh Berry Collection – Plate w/ Blackberries (antique)

dust bunny. woodland dreams. carved wooden screen

{LORE} Riyadh Coffee Table

Botanical – Waterlily cluster 1 – Plain v1.2

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