Latin Nights

I’m pretty sure that I have mentioned before that Artem and I have enjoyed many date nights at Latin dance clubs in Second Life. So, I was particularly excited when I heard about a new dance animation store in Second Life with a Latin dance set. Paragon Dance Animations has launched its first set of dances – Miguel. Miguel is a set of 9 solo dances, three of which are featured in the video below. Having discussed them with the creator they have been tested on a lot of different sizes of male and female avies and as you can see from the video they look very good. These are unique, mocap and made for bento so completely fresh and up to date. There is also a free dance to pick up as a starter! There are lots of new planned releases so if you like your dances moves and want something new, and unique, head over to Paragon’s store in Second Life and check them out.

You can check out the individual dance videos on the Paragon Flickr Page, produced by my friend and awesome videographer Isabelle Cheren.

And here is Artem and I showing off our new moves!

Paragon In-World Mainstore

Paragon Flickr

Paragon Flickr Group

Paragon Facebook

Paragon Marketplace

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