A Thousand Words

They say a picture paints a thousand words. That may be true but what people read can be different from the intention of the person ‘painting’ it. The blank pages on this image could be filled with words and each person that sees the photo would, or could, use different ones to describe what they see. Artem and I were laughing earlier at coming up with reasons for this pose. one of them was I ate bad sushi…yes we were not taking it at all seriously but it was funny!

Is it bad that when I do a photo like this that shows some emotion I feel I have to say ‘it’s just a pic…I’m fine! I’m good! We’re fine!!!’ because I know there’s at least one or two that would love to write their own narrative into these sort of photos that really isn’t there…Nothing to see here folks….it’s just a pic!


*Head – LeLutka – Piper

*Skin  – Glam Affair – Felisja

*Hair – Stealthic – Ivy

*Pants – Blueberry – Poppy

*Top – Dead Dollz – Jolie Sweater **NEW** at Belle Event

Pose – Ana Poses – Campinas

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