Grub Hub

Happy Friday! or, Good Friday! Happy Fish Day! My daughter at least will be pleased. She has recently become Pescatarian and on Good Friday we always have fish. I like fish but it can be quite bland so if you have any exciting fish recipes, that aren’t spicy, then please feel free to share! I don’t really care much for Easter food…though I am a sucker for apple hot cross buns from Marks & Spencer and of course, chocolate! Anyways, whatever you are doing, whether you celebrate or not, have a great weekend!


*DRD – Wasteland Grub Hub – Kitchen LI: 9 **NEW** at Eclipse Event
*DRD – Wasteland Grub Hub – Shelter LI: 25 **NEW** at Eclipse Event

*DRD – Rustic Barbecue – Flour Sack Pile LI: 7
*DRD – Rustic Barbecue – Grill Table LI: 1
*DRD – PA – Constructed Outlook – Tire Pile LI: 1
*DRD – PA – Constructed Outlook – Trash Fire LI: 6
*DRD motel policetape extra gift LI: 1

Jian:: Red Fox (Static – Standing L) LI: 1
Jian:: Red Fox (Wanderer) Rez me! LI: 5
Jian:: Red Fox (Static – Sitting L) LI: 1

T-Spot Mesh – Weeds Patch – LI: 1

[ isuka ] union local backdrop

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