Woodland Escape

Good morning! My daughter dropped a video into the family WhatsApp group yesterday…of her going 70mph down a zip line. She is my youngest daughter and her, and her sister, couldn’t be any different in terms of their fear, or lack of, of adventure. The older one had a tantrum lasting 20 minutes when we tried to get her on Space Mountain at Disney. Her sister, who was three years younger, wouldn’t get off the Rock n Roll Rollercoaster and her tantrums were more likely to be because she wasn’t tall enough to go on some of the rides.

The view from the zip line was through a forest and lake area in Wales and this picture reminded me of some of the views I saw as my stomach turned watching it. All the details on the items used in the scene are below.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


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2 thoughts on “Woodland Escape

  1. “Her sister, who was three years younger”
    Adventurous girls, with all their experiences, are maturing faster than homebodies, so has she now reached the same age of her formerly older sister?

    Liked by 1 person

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