SL Calendar Guys – May 2019

I am very happy with how the Calendar Guys group is progressing with a really strong core of photographers and bloggers adding their images last month. Of course we want more!!! The link to the group is below so please encourage your friends with male avatars to join the group and add their amazing images. The quality level has been very high so far so it’s already a challenge to choose my favourites. Here’s the group: SL Calendar Guys

And here is the selection of photos for May 2019:

Coffee for one by Nothing

Coffee for one

Lucifer by Lucifer Rhapsody


Amor da minha vida . by Lisa Lehnen Holloway

Amor da minha vida .

I remember running to the sea by Bear Starr

I Remember Running To The Sea

Darklove by Isaac Taur


Contemplating the moon by Levi Megadon

Contemplating the moon..

L’innamorato by John Cordeaux


Relax…life is good by Mr Aulder

Relax... life is good.

Men on Mission by Ali Lavarock

[Men On Mission]

Light my way by Static Frenzy

Light My Way

There is one rule… by Vin Soulstar

There is one rule, above all others, for a man. Whatever comes, face it on your feet...

Vendetta by Swain Craven


Fall into sakura by ドープ acolyte

Fall Into Sakura ✿

Late night keg run by Scar Requiem

Late night keg run

Wicked things in the night by Saddii Kristopher Michael


Won’t hurt if I do it again by Hikaru Enimo

Won’t hurt if I do it again.........

I wanna end me by Dahvie Gloom

I wanna end me

Zupreme by MrShowman


Welcome summer by IgorAlmeida

Welcome summer

Secret Agent by Victor Miguel


Third day of a seven day binge by Fenrir 

Third day of a seven day binge

Conquer your summer style by Roman Godde

Conquer Your Summer Style

2019/05/21 by Aoi


lost spirit by halim

lost spirit

Tater Thot by Zain Garzo

Tater Thot


untitled by RM


852 by Edumetal Lavarock


Ad Nouvel by Ric Applewhyte


Bokeh by JJ Goodman


Catching Waves by Mark Knight

Catching Waves ...

256 by Alegria

- 256 -

When all goes wrong by Leonardo Hardman

When all goes wrong.

Mob Ties by Isaac Taur

Mob Ties

Windows by ThiegoFire


Ironic by Guga Dorey

Perceptions by iozi wasp


Prepare to fight… by Sandryta

Prepare to fight! because I'll be ready to win you! 💪💪💪

Happier by Kavika Lowgun

Happier -

from blue to red by andyy Zifer

from blue to red

A serene night by Kira Balestra

A Serene Night  - HCXII Pile Up

1050 by KmB Allen


I feel my luck could change by David Holfe

#245.- I feel my luck could change ..

B-Happy by Scar Requiem


Editor Picture Hikaru Enimo by Antonietta Canucci

Editor Picture for L'homme Magazine SL May2019

GB @TMD by Colton Vond


perception by val xox


…to persevere by Ryanna

•{  . . . to Persevere

untitled by Alex


Him by Twizzy Fehr

Je te perdonne (I forgive you) by Ash Clashry

Je te perdonne (I forgive you)

My all by Terr Jedda

896 by Ian Dark

New Post #896

After School Special by Divos Titanium 

After School Special

Stray by Isaac Taur


By the Way by Murilo Tempest

By The Way ♫♪

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