Mainstore Monday – Dead Dollz

A little later than planned here is today’s Mainstore Monday feature. As I explained in my post a couple of weeks ago my plan is to focus on the stores that I blog for or regularly receive review copies from first and then widen my net to cover other stores. The purpose of Mainstore Monday is to highlight what is available at mainstore locations and give you pertinent information about the store, the information you will find at the store and extra info about group gift etc.

So this week I am delighted to showcase Dead Dollz:

I had long been a fan of Dead Dollz before I even started blogging, Of course, once I did start actively blogging they were one of the first stores I put on my ‘wish list’ of creators that I wanted to blog for. When I talk to people about not letting themselves be disappointed about rejection when applying for stores Dead Dollz is also the one I use as my personal example. It took me five attempts to win my place on the blogging team. To say I was ecstatic when I did would be an understatement and last year when I cut back on fashion blogging Dead Dollz was one of only two fashion brands that I kept on. I’d worked too hard to give that one up!!!

Dead Dollz has always put a lot of work into the appearance of their mainstore location and it’s often a photogenic sim in it’s own right as well as the location of what is now a very large collection of original mesh clothing.

When you first enter the store there is an information hub where you can purchase gift cards, get redeliveries and join the group etc. There’s also information about their current latest releases and where you can purchase them if they are at an event. You will also find the latest group gift in this area and any new mainstore releases (more on that in a moment. There’s also a board with a teleport to the gacha room which is only available to members of the group…this is a great perk and encouragement to join the group. You will also find store policy information. Store policies are never very exciting to read…but are important. If you have an issue with a purchase in any store in Second Life it is always useful to read their policy before contacting them to rectify it.

Dead Dollz is one of the stores on the grid that maintains a mainstore release schedule. The most recent release can be seen below and can be found (at the time of writing) in the main area/reception.

Here’s some important information:

Store Description: Original mesh formal and casual clothing. Est. 2008
Creator: Kiddo Oh
Group:.::Dead Dollz::. VIP Group (secondlife:///app/group/9d4e0db6-12f9-d375-5cf0-75dadc92ce46/about)
Group Join Fee: L$250
Group Gift Available: Yes – Miele Group Gift now available
Subscriber: No
Redelivery Terminal: Yes

Current Group Gift: 

Dead Dollz - Miele Set VIP Group Gift

Dead Dollz makes outstanding lingerie, gowns and smart casual dresses and outfits mainly exclusive to Maitreya bodies. The store is easy to navigate with items grouped generally around those themes.

I was saying the other day that I thought one of the first items I ever bought from Dead Dollz was the Felina dress but it wasn’t. I bought a gown called Frozen way before that for a New Years Eve ball…it was a ‘biiiiig’ dress and a fur stole and I adored it. I may even still have it in the depths of my inventory somewhere. Dead Dollz gowns now tend to follow very classic lines and they really do look amazing on and super figure hugging!

I could have taken many, many more shots in the store but you’d be getting bored by now and obviously, you want to go check it out for yourself. I’m doing a little more fashion blogging lately so you will see Dead Dollz featured on the blog regularly for the foreseeable future. If you enjoy mainstore shopping it really is a very pleasant experience to visit the store so obviously, I encourage you to do so.

Mainstore Monday will be back next week and it will probably be a decor store. Have a great rest of your week.

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