Happy Birthday Second Life!

Second Life’s official birthday party is now in full swing at the regions for this year’s SL16B Sweet Sixteen Birthday celebrations open to the public. I had the immense honour and joy of visiting the sims yesterday to take some photographs and see what is on offer this year. I am also going to be doing some interviews again this year in the auditorium…more on that later.

The theme for this year is a vintage, retro style to celebrate the Sweet Sixteen theme and the landscaping and buildings are amazing! When you arrive in one of the welcome areas you will find an area that looks like this:

Welcome Area 1

Welcome Area 2

You will see that map sign a lot as they are all over the sims and really help with being able to check where you are and what is close by. Pick up your free gift here and your hud for the Swaginator daily gift. (I got mine for today already and love it!)

There is so much going on and planned for the duration of the celebrations and there are a number of sources that you can use to find out more:


SL16B Destination Guide Special 

SL16B Shopping Event Information

SL16B Calendar of Events

SL16B Music Faire

Here’s the first look promo video for the celebrations:



As I mentioned I am going to be doing a couple of interviews during the event at the auditorium on the 27th and 28th June. I have great guests lined up and hope to have amazing, insightful and interesting conversations on their areas of expertise. More information on those nearer the time.

I have a ton more photos to share and info about the new Linden Homes sims, the Tapestry of Time and the community exhibits and will share more in the coming week!

Happy Birthday Second Life!

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