Mainstore Monday – ChicModa

Happy Monday – well what is left of it. I am again later with this post than I planned to be and I need to be much more organised with this in future. But, here it is…and it is still Monday in most places!

This week I am featuring ChicModa. I first heard of ChicModa a couple of years ago directly from the creator herself, Sassy Nitely. You may know Sassy as a very talented singer and performer in Second Life. It has been a long while since I visited her mainstore location so thought it was about time I reacquainted myself with the store and what is on offer there.

Seems like I picked the right time to go as ChicModa is currently celebrating it’s third anniversary and there appears to be a sale (still on at the time of writing) on selected items to celebrate.

When you arrive at the store you will find this reception area packed with useful information about events, and including redelivery terminal and group join information etc.

Here’s some important information:

Store Description: ChicModa caters to stylish female fashions & classy decor.
Creator: Sassy Nitely
Group: Chic Moda (secondlife:///app/group/0af02416-4ae9-81d7-2079-e24d890e080f/about)
Group Join Fee: 50L$
Group Gift Available: Yes – 4 Gifts available behind landing point
Subscriber: Yes
Redelivery Terminal: Yes

There’s also 3 Lucky Letter boards, also just behind the reception point/landing point and there’s some really cute items in them. They also change quite frequently.

ChicModa’s store description is perfect. I’ve always found that their items have a great mix of style with a touch of ‘sassy’, excuse the pun, and pull off sexy without falling down the ‘trashy’ rabbithole. Additionally in the last year or so Sassy has crossed over into creating a few amazingly cute and fun home decor items.

As I mentioned at the top there is a sale and celebration going on in the store right now but I think it’s been extended from the original planned date so worth heading over soon and snapping up some bargains.

Ok, it’s super late and I should have posted this hours ago so I’m going to wrap this up. Visit the store and see for yourself – there’s beautiful fashions, some great decor items and special offers and group gifts to pick up!

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