SL Calendar Guys – August 2019

I know! I am super late again with this months list but it’s soooo worth the wait!

This is becoming a tougher ask every month with more quality photos being added to the group! I am very happy with how the Calendar Guys group is progressing with a really strong core of photographers and bloggers adding their images last month. Of course we want more!!! The link to the group is below so please encourage your friends with male avatars to join the group and add their amazing images. The quality level has been very high so far so it’s already a challenge to choose my favourites. Here’s the group: SL Calendar Guys

And here is the selection of photos for August 2019:

4.3 Na’ de na’ by B R R O

4.3 Na' de na'

Beyond by ALEX


Gallant Magzine – Noche Feature by Divos Titanium

Gallant Magazine - Noche Feature

Si siente frió,… by Luis Whitlock

Si siente frió, tu corazón, seré tu abrigo, tu ilusión. Hasta ya no respirar, yo te voy a amar...

Sometimes, you just need to disconnect…. by Phoenix Wemyss

Sometimes, you just need to disconnect and enjoy your own company…

When the night begins… by Hikaru Enimo

When the night begins to fall............

What you need by Wolvern Barbosa

...What you Need...

Abso-lutely by Dean Bourne


cherishville by Halim


Honey by Kane Broady


Got caught stealing… by Chris Morrisey

Got caught stealing fire out from the sky

A successful man… by Kaua Newey

A sucessful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him

Vagabond by Scar Requiem


810 by Slayer Tanaka

Those who fear the darkness… by Karson Kader

Those who fear the darkness have no idea what the light can do.

untitled by Scott Lehnen


Sunrise by Murilo Tempest

Sunrise ♫♪

untitled by Jost Asbrink


Judas Priest by Sei Han

⛧ Judas Priest

Warrior by Tarja Haven


Game Over by Enzo Bernardone


Mine by Jinx Applewhyte


prophet by Sonic


Sup mate by Kaiden Tray

Sup mate

You feel my heart beats by Markel Kenzo

Prayer by David Holfe

#269.- Prayer..

self service by Zeke Jestyr

175 by Pascal


Of Gods by Static Frenzy

Of Gods

All I see is… by Alexander Gabe

All I see Is a monster in me

Your world will fail my love by Damien Crow

"Your world will fail my love........"

Trapped in Darkness by Mr Showman

Trapped In Darkness

inconspicuous by Swain Craven


Gallant Magazine- Summer Time by Victor Miguel


Numb by Varosh Santanamiguel


Thinking you could live… by Ali Lavarock

[ Thinking You Could Live Without Me ]

Summer Wine by ARnnO PLAneR

Summer wine

In memory of Freddie by Mark Knight

In Memory Of Freddie ... 💗

American Badass by Roman Godde

I taste the excuses… by Trouble Dethly

I Taste the Excuses When We Kiss

all I wanna do i shave some fun by Vingabbana

.all i wanna do is have some fun.

X + Doberman by Anakin Jupiter

[ X + Doberman ]

untitled by Catlo Cyberstar


Surrender my heart by Essences // Architect. CEO

Surrender my heart.

feel you by Ryan Rexen

feel you

! SL Manwhore(s) ! by Lofa Iqah

! SL Manwhore(s) !

Take your time by ArQit3ct ♛

untitled by Scott Lehnen


268 by Kennes Xue


Fix this mess by Aco Nuraihyon

✚ Fix this mess ✚

Cheeky by Zain Garzo


The Road Awaits Me by Darkyn Dover Darkyn


I just need focus… by Rennan Bass

# 0098 | I just need focus, strength and faith ...

New by Doug Morlim Boss


Painful Silence by Trish Hendes

Painful Silence

untitled Iozi Wasp

Unexpected by Joe Zavala


❤ B by Noah Kim

Jumper by JJ Goodman


Looking Forward by Sander Sunborne

Looking Forward

Homme 2019 by Kidman Latte

Kidman Latte – Homme 2019

Sweet by Psycho by Murilo Tempest

Sweet but Psycho ♫♪

So you think you can dance by Divos Titanium

So You Think You Can Dance?

Leave your past… by Mark Knight

Leave Your Past ... Move Forward ...

With the new day… by DJ Amon

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

How did you love by Xan

how did you love...

Gabriel by Kn0ck 0ut

Gabriel at TMD August 2019

277 by Alegria

- 277 -

Insomnia by TheJayce


I’ve lost control again by Devyn


Harmony by Patrick of Ireland


1353 by Shiva Swords


Awake by Ash Clashry


my back to the wall… by yuki watanabe

[mч bαck to the ɯαll ıs hoɯ ı lıve mч lıfe] - Client work

same shit, different day by North Boy

same shit, different day

Dissolve by MattNight



Focusing on the upper body by Trouble Dethly

Focusing on the Upper Body

Thank you by Tory King

4000 Followers - Thank you! <3

He’s gonna play the field by Guilherme Andretti

He's gonna play the field, and keep it real

571 by Alan Lavoye

Highway to Hell by Spike Clémenceau-Silent

Only God by Suan Deluxe

Only God ...

playtime by Zeke Jestyr


Doughnut Slut by Scar Requiem

Doughnut Slut

MEKNAS by Victor Miguel


2 thoughts on “SL Calendar Guys – August 2019

  1. Thank you so much Kess for choosing one of mine shots to be on your August selection. Quite unexpected and surprising but still a pleasure to be amongst such great compositions. And also wonderful to be able, as you so well said, to discover new photographers through such selection.



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