SL Calendar Guys – The Final Twelve 2019

SL Calendar Guys started in January 2019 and is already establishing itself alongside its big sister, Calendar Girls. We have some extremely talented photographers and bloggers adding their images each month and I am sure there are many more out there that could be adding more!

With twelve months under our belt, it’s time for the first final twelve calendar. These are my favourite images from the last 12 months. One photo from each of the twelve months blog posts has been selected. If you would like to see the full post for the month that the selection is from just click on the month title and it will open up for you.

Here is the first, 2019, SL Calendar Guys Calendar:

January 2019

My Darkness… by Jay Tedder Murs

My darkness without pineapple cake

February 2019

Trip the Darkness by Enzo Santana

Trip The Darkness

March 2019

Who let the dogs out by Scar Requiem

Who let the dogs out?

April 2019

245 by Alegria

- 245 -

May 2019

Stray by Isaac Taur


June 2019

Power is Power by Hikaru Enimo

Power is power.......

July 2019

Transparent – Swain Craven

August 2019

In memory of Freddie by Mark Knight

In Memory Of Freddie ... 💗

September 2019

LZA & CAGE by Aco Watanabe


October 2019

SL Manwhores by Lofa Iqah

! SL Manwhore(s) !  RULES!!

November 2019

Where Peaceful Waters Flow by Pedro

Where peaceful waters flow.

December 2019

Santa is here by Vlad Sharktooth

Santa is here

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