A Little Magic at Christmas

Good morning. There is so much going on right now in real life and second life with the run-up to Christmas. I find, as I’m sure many others do, that my time is very limited and I have to be lazer-focused on getting things done. I’ve never been the best at suffering fools very gladly but this time of year my fuse is even shorter. I love people who are concise and to the point. I feel my hackles rising when I see group conversations, or in some cases when people IM me as a CSR and go all round the houses to ask their question. We’ve all seen them. A group pops open with one word “Hello”, several people say hello back. I’m not one of them. Worst case scenario someone actually replies “Hi, how are you?” which then follows “I’m fine, thank you, How are you?”. More chat ensues. Then, a good few minutes after the group first pops open, with the attention of nearly everyone in the group the original person says “Can someone help me?”. My head is usually about to hit my desk at that point. It’s one of the most irrelevant questions anyone can ask. Right now the answer is no because you haven’t said what you need help with and also yes because probably 100 different people COULD help you if you said what the problem was. I get that sometimes people do the hello on one line to check that the chat works but for the love of sanity then get to the point! Stop holding the whole group captive while you fluff around getting to the point. I really appreciate the people that open up the IM and say “Hey, I’m having issues getting xxx product to do xxx. Anyone got any suggestions?” At which point only the people that know the answer, or are interested in the answer can pay attention to the chat.
This isn’t a SL phenomenon…the most common reason I scowl at people in real life is when they ask the question “Can I ask a question?” You just did and you’re shit out of luck cos you only get one and you wasted it!
Lawd, I’m really not grumpy this morning, I promise. Even if I sound it in my post!!

What I am blogging today:
Mr M doesn’t like it when I’m not my red-headed self so I took the opportunity while he was offline this weekend to go for a completely different look. The theme for the post today is The Arcade and I’m wearing hair from bonbon and a dress from Valentina E that are available at Arcade. Also beautiful eyes from LOTUS. This is the first time I’ve tried LOTUS eyes and I really like them so will be wearing them when in my Maitreya look at lot. I have a few Maitreya only items to show you over the next week or so, so you will definitely see them again. I’ve blogged the snow bunny from Rezz Room before but he’s so cute I had to use him again!
My pose is from Lyrium at Pose Fair Winter Special round and I have moved my head slightly so don’t forget to demo the poses before you buy!

*Head – LeLutka – Korina

*Skin  – Glam Affair – Betty **NEW** at Collabor88

*Hair – bonbon – Lady Unicorn **NEW** at Arcade Gacha

*Eyes – LOTUS – Spirit Eyes 17 RARE **NEW** at Arcade Gacha

*Gown – Valentina E–  Starstruck Gown Silver **NEW** at Arcade Gacha

*Pose – Lyrium – First Snow **NEW** at Pose Fair

Rabbit – [Rezz Room] Rabbit Arctic Animesh (Companion) RARE **NEW** at Arcade Gacha

{anc} little garden / ribbon cage chair 6Li (ivory)

3 thoughts on “A Little Magic at Christmas

  1. ” – “Can I ask a question?” You just did and you’re shit out of luck cos you only get one and you wasted it! ”

    I about spat my cornflakes out, laughing ❤ hope your day goes well, great post Kess x


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