Meet the New Face of Calendar Guys

Gosh, this was so much harder than I thought and while I intended to be the only judge for this I did have to call in a well-respected friend, blogger and photographer for a second opinion on my shortlist.

Firstly thank you to everyone that entered the contest. There were so many creative and well-produced photos. When choosing the photo a few things were taken into consideration. I’ve never considered myself an expert on the technical aspects of photography. I just know what I like and what I don’t like. I also had to consider how the photo would work as a Cover for the blog posts with a text overlay etc.

I’m delighted and excited to announce the winner of the Face of Calendar Guys 2020 Photo contest is…………

Kennes Xue

Kennes photo/cover will be used from 1st January 2020 in all Calendar Guys posts on the blog and he also wins L$20,000 cash.

Congratulations to Kennes and thank you again to all those that took the time to take photographs and enter the competition. I look forward to seeing all of your photos added to the group in the coming 12 months. Happy New Year!

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